We The People Holsters Review


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Clip Adjustment 12 different positions! Securely holds to belt. Protective sweat guard. Adjustable tension.

Finding a good holster for any type of carry situation can be a challenge. Unless you are trying on various types and wearing them for any length of time, you aren’t truly going to have a good idea of how it works for you. And with so many holsters on the market and online, it just feels like a hit or miss. 

Luckily, Project Gunner was able to get our hands on an IWB option made by We the People Holsters, a company that specializes in custom-fit concealed carry holster options. They also have OWB in stock as well, and offer a wide array of fits and color choices so you can get exactly what you need and want. 

Take a look at our We the People Holsters review below.

We the People Holsters Company 

Also referred to as WTP Holsters, We the People Holster company is a fairly young business providing the concealed carry community with some of the most comfortable Kydex holsters available. Self-described as “gun nerds”, the founders of WTP is an American-owned company based in Las Vegas, Nevada that provides crafted holsters for both inside and outside the waistband carry. Popular with law enforcement and civilians, their products are known for their durability, practicality, functionality, and most of all- their affordability. 

Since they offer a customized fit for just about any pistol you can imagine, all the major brands and their respective firearms are covered, and so it wasn’t difficult for me to match up my favorite CCW, the Smith and Wesson M&P Shield PC 9mm with a new IWB option in my choice of pattern. 

We the People Holsters Features and Benefits

focus on We The People Holsters logo

I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical when asked to carry with a ridged, Kydex holster. I have been using a universal nylon holster for years, and even though it doesn’t provide adjustability, it is comfortable and low profile enough to wear under just about anything without showing an imprint.

However, after being convinced to give it a try, after 2 weeks of consistent carry with it, I am happy to report that the review I am about to give recommends one for various reasons and excellent benefits.

Waterproof Kydex Molded Holster

PINK CAMO KYDEX OWB on a flat surface

Kydex isn’t anything new and was first created for use in aircraft interiors back in the 1960s. It is a thermoplastic acrylic-polyvinyl chloride, or in layman’s terms- a lightweight durable acrylic. Created for thermoplastic shaping, it is easy to form into just about any mold, and provides an incredibly rigid, durable, and chemical-resistant surface. 

This means it fits your weapon like a glove, and won’t begin to stretch, sag, or deform like leather will after spending hours pressed against your body heat and body shape. No matter how long you wear it, a Kydex holster won’t form into your body or loosen its hold on your gun, interrupting the comfort of your draw and re-holstering. Since the company offers a huge array of make and model fits, you should be able to easily find a perfect match. 

My Take

The hard surface actually was my original hang-up concerning the consideration of a rigid holster. I was worried it would be big and bulky, and uncomfortable against my hip bone or spine (I generally carry appendix or small of my back). It wasn’t an uncomfortable feeling at all from the start, and even after wearing it for hours walking around and sitting at a concert I completely forgot I was wearing it. With only a 0.08 inch width and 3-ounce weight, it truly feels as if it isn’t there. 

Adjustable Cant and Ride for Belt and Waistband Wear

Close up picture of the Screw bolted on the clip of the holster

The cant is adjustable to allow you to place the holster at the most comfortable angle for your grip preference and draw and spacing for your 1.5-inch belt or waistband. Easy to adjust, all you have to do is loosen the screws with a Philips screwdriver, adjust, and re-tighten. I found the screws to be well set and did not loosen with wear, even after unscrewing and screwing back on. 

The company also offers left and right holster options if you prefer a reverse grip choice, or prefer to draw with the opposite hand. 

My Take

I really like that the holster is lightweight enough that it can be worn both with and without a belt. Although it is suggested to wear it with a belt, that isn’t something I often do, and I found it to hold nicely to my waistband without it pulling downwards. It was easy to adjust both the height and angle of wear, and I loved that I could get it just right to tuck my gun handle against my body as well when wearing a more form-fitting shirt. 

Protective Sweat Guard

camo kydex with a gun viewed on its side

The slightly raised backside provides protection against sweat dripping into your holster. After all, if you are wearing an IWB holster on a warm day, it is inevitable you will sweat, even slightly. It also provides a comfortable feel against your body that doesn’t feel sticky, or slippery. 

My Take

The second day I wore the holster, I was walking around the local fair, rodeo, and concert in 98-degree heat. Luckily we had some cloud cover so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been, but it was still hot. I forgot I was even wearing it, so obviously there was no rub, sweat slick or discomfort. 

Undercut Trigger Guard

The undercut trigger guard is part of the design to provide added protection and a full grip on a firearm draw. It also provides an audible ‘click’ when you have it holstered, allowing you to hear that it is in place. 

My Take

This is a simple feature I never even would have thought of that is incredibly nice to have. It truly helps hold your firearm securely and you don’t have to worry about it slipping free or simply getting loose while wearing, or if you set it down. Plus, you can keep it stored easily when you put your gun up each night without worrying about it falling loose if you have to grab it for use. 

Adjustable Retention

pink camo kydex close up on the screw attached to it

The adjustable retention screw towards the bottom of the holster allows you to loosen or tighten the holster for the perfect fit. Just like the cant and ride, it is easy to access and adjust with a simple screwdriver, and works to provide a smooth draw and snug fit. 

My Take

I didn’t have to mess with this adjustment at all as the holster came perfectly fitted for my gun. However, I really appreciate the feature since it truly provides you the opportunity for a more overall customized fit. 

Open End Muzzle

pink camo kydex and a Gun holstered

The open-end muzzle makes it compatible with a threaded barrel. This is a great detail that takes into account your own firearm customization. I like it because I don’t like a closed holster. All too often something could get stuck down there, even just a build up of dirt, and I am not keen on ever having anything get into the muzzle. 

Sight Clearance

top view of a gun holstered in the camo kydex

This is another nice feature that alleviates any concerns pertaining to swapping out your sights or adding to your sights. Plenty of space is left for a nice, smooth draw and this keeps your front sight from snagging. 

Color and Model Selections

Obviously, from what you can see, you don’t have to settle for a plain black holster anymore. Kydex is available in a wide array of colors and patterns, and the company takes full advantage of this. This makes it that much more customized to who you are and is a great selling point for those who carry various firearms and want to specify between their choices. Personally, I have fun picking and choosing from the various designs. 

They also have a holster for just about any make and  model pistol you can think of. They also can help you find your perfect match if you aren’t 100% certain. For example, my model gun is an original design that is not exactly the same as what is in current production. I had no issues finding the holster that matched its fit, and I was happy with how exact the holster was to my gun’s  measurements. 

Comfort and Use Review

I’ve mentioned multiple times at the comfort of the holster despite my initial hesitation to wear a hard sided option. It fits nicely up against the body and feels secure against my waistband without pulling. It also provides a snug holster fit for my gun but still provides me easy access and a smooth draw. 

focus view on a gun and we the people holsters

After wearing it for 2 weeks, shooting at the range and being in a variety of different situations wearing different clothing, I can easily recommend it as a go-to for most of my wardrobe. It isn’t bulky, weighs nothing noticeable, and truly provides an excellent fit for my gun. I like it a lot better than the nylon holster I used to wear because there is no way for it to snag or catch up against my body due to clothing pressure. 

What Other People are Saying

Overall the gun holsters have a great rating by those who are regularly using them. They have 4 and 5 star average reviews online across different selling platforms, and the majority of poor reviews are shallow complaints about workmanship or design without having first reached out to the company. I’d say this points to a great product that is well backed by the company that makes and sells them. Obviously, issues will arise from time to time, but as long as it is corrected by the company, I’m not sure what the problem would be. 

Since the company does provide a lifetime warranty, any issues should probably go through them. Customer support seems to have a mixed bag of effectiveness, but since most people don’t contact customer support unless they first have a problem, it is difficult to discern what the problem actually is- the product or the person. 

Our Bottom Line

I’d recommended this high-end holster over and over. It is incredibly lightweight and takes into account all the details you might want to consider to provide a truly customized fit for your gun. Nothing is worse than wearing the wrong holster that doesn’t take into account your grip options and comfort.  After all, comfortable carry and easy draw and re-holstering is important, and you want something that fits well and doesn’t create issues with your own grip or gun components. 

This American holster company offers a quality product that by all means looks to offer a long-lasting option that can be adjusted to your own personal comfort and a secure fit for just about any make and model of gun in current CCW use, as well as open carry.

If you have any questions about the product, let us know below, and also share this review to help get the word out!