Truglo Red Dot Review – Affordable Reflex Sights

Gun ownership and shooting sports isn’t a cheap hobby, especially if you own various firearms for different shooting disciplines. Accessorizing for a customized fit for your needs can be equally pricey, but I assure you- shopping around can help you get the best deal for your needs.

If you want a dependable, functional, albeit affordable open dot sight, you need to take a look at our Truglo red dot sight review. This multi-reticle, open dot option is a budget choice you won’t regret buying. My personal review is below.

Truglo Multi-Reticle Open Dot Sight Overview

Truglo red dot sight with manual and warranty paper

The purchase of my first stripped-down AR-15 determined I needed to choose a sight preference. I’m an iron sight type girl, but such a weapon is designed for longer, accurate shots with the appropriate ammo, and I’ve always been impressed with red dot type sights. Unfortunately, I’m not budgeted for a multi-hundred dollar top-of-the-line option, and so decided to dig into what alternatives were available- and what people were saying about them. 

My research led me to a sight industry-leading brand: Truglo. Truglo has been around for decades, and is a well-known go-to when dependable sights are needed for low light situations. They may not be the most expensive or highest quality choice out there, but they provide an affordable option the everyday shooter can depend on. 

The reflux sight reviews associated with the Truglo name are overwhelmingly positive, and I narrowed down my choices to the Dual-Color Dot Sight that offers a multi-reticle option for various shooting scenarios both in bright daylight, and low lighting situations.

Truglo History

Established by a competitive archer and hunter in 1993, the idea of applying fiber-optics into sight pins helped identify each one. This led to the PWR-DOT, a fiber optic that adapted to just about any slotted bracket- and led to further innovative ideas for various other firearm sighting needs. 

You’d be hard-pressed to find any type of aiming device that doesn’t either come with, or offer an easy transition to fiber-optic sighting options. At the time, the idea was revolutionary for low lighting situations, and has since been adapted for just about every shooting scenario imaginable. 

Therefore, it makes sense that a company that was born of the need for quality vision-related products would continue to provide dependable sighting options. Today, Truglo is a leading manufacturer of fiber-optic sights, tritium handgun sights, and various shooting accessories for both firearms and archery.

Quick Spec Breakdown

This particular version offers all the features of their original dot sight, but doesn’t narrow your field of vision to a tube and offers a wide sight window with a thin frame- and helps you keep your dot on the target. You can easily adjust between both red or green reticle colors, depending on your shooting environment and lighting needs- and choose from 4 reticle styles to personalize your experience.  Plus, you have 5 brightness settings and a quick windage and elevation adjustment knob- allowing you to quickly and accurately make the changes you may need. 

A 34 x 24mm objective lens has an anti-reflection coating on the target side, and allows you to quickly and accurately acquire your target at just about any range. And a parallax free from 30 yards claim is pretty impressive overall since many similar products are at 50 yards. 

Also, the integrated Picatinny/Weaver-style mounting system makes it a cinch to attach to existing Weaver or Picatinny rails, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility with your choice of firearm.


  • Excellent affordability
  • Good battery Life
  • Easy to zero in and adjust
  • Bright dots, and easy to change reticle styles


  • May quickly lose zero on higher caliber firearms
  • Reticle crispness is lacking
  • Difficulty acquiring target with bright overhead lighting may occur

Things to Consider Before Buying a Truglo Multi-Reticle Open Dot Sight

When shooting at a distance, you definitely want a sight that can provide the assistance you need for dependable target acquisition. If you plan on shooting at a target within 100 feet, this might not be worth considering since most people are fairly accurate with simple iron sights within this range. But if you plan on using this for a gun that is designed for longer shooting scenarios, you definitely need to give this option a closer look. 

Rifles and shotguns handle the lightweight size and placement well, and, in my opinion, are the best to use with this style sight. The ability to adjust for environmental changes, especially lighting, makes it ideal for hunting when you aren’t using a magnifying scope- and should keep you from second-guessing your target in the early morning, or evening when lighting is low and depth is distorted. 

This is also a great choice for days on the range when the sun is bright. Although I found when the sun is directly overhead, and you don’t have a shelter to stand under, you might struggle with acquiring the target – but that was my personal experience. I had no issues with the sun in front, or behind me in various other shooting environments.

Features & Benefits

Truglo red dot attached to a rifle focus shot

For such an affordable product, it does come with quite a few features for you to take advantage of. In fact, one of the reasons I seriously considered its purchase was because it boasted similar uses as more expensive, high-end options. Of course, it may not be the absolute best out there, but for budget-savvy buyers who want a dependable choice that works- I can’t recommend it enough. Plus, you aren’t bound by any restrictions when adding anything like this to a firearm, making it a no-brainer when you want to modify something. 

Dial-Color Option

A great debate exists concerning which color is best for target acquisition: red or green? There are scientific studies to back both that depend on light wavelength, how the eye perceives color, and time of day clarity- but the bottom line here is that you get to choose which is more comfortable for your shooting scenario and personal preference. 

The top dial combines color with reticle and brightness options, making everything placed right at your fingertips for quick adjustment needs. 


Covering truglo red dot sight

This is an excellent selling point and provides 5 MOA red/green dot or your choice of multiple reticle options with a quick and easy turn of the adjustments:

  • 20 MOA Peep
  • Traditional Cross-Hairs
  • 6 MOA Center Dot

This allows you to pick and choose your favorites for light and distance, as well as what you are most comfortable with. I did find the cross-section and circle options to infringe a bit on my own focus on the target when used at a brighter level during a bright, cloudless day. It took me some time to determine what combination of color, reticle, and brightness I preferred.

5 Brightness Levels

The brightness levels are an excellent feature to help you square an accurate target in any lighting level. I did feel that the brighter the level, the more it impeded my own view of the target, but I also wear contacts and am light sensitive- so that may have had something to do with it. Regardless, I was able to find the balance I needed for my own shooting experience. 

Lightweight and Compact

This thing weighs practically nothing- seriously. The added weight to a firearm can create difficulties with aim and comfort, but since it comes in at less than one-third of a pound, its addition isn’t even noticeable.

Battery Life

Battery compartment for truglo red dot sight

I’ve read reviews where people are not impressed with the overall battery life, but I have used it regularly on the range for 6 months without any problems. I do keep a backup battery in my case, but I feel the biggest issue with the battery is that it is easy to forget to turn it off when you set your weapon down. It does come with a battery and is easy to replace when required (use a CR2032).

24 x 34mm Window and Wide Field of View

Close up of truglo red dot sight

The window height (0.94 inches) and width (1.34 inches) provides an excellent wide field of view. I prefer the open design as opposed to a tube because I don’t have to constantly move my head to see the target. Plus, it allows you to co-witness iron sights clearly as a backup target reference.

Water and Shock Resistant

No need to worry if it begins to rain- you aren’t going to burn out the electronics with moisture unless you submerge this in water and keep it there for a length of time. Just keep a soft lens-cleaning cloth handy to help wipe down the window if you do have some sprinkles while you shoot. The shock resistance keeps on zero-shot after shot and during regular protected travel. I found it held zero well with few minor adjustments needed after running through 3 or 4 30 round mags. 

Click Windage and Elevation

Adjusting wind and elevation using allen wrench

An allen wrench provides the means to quickly adjust for wind and elevation. These adjustments are found on the sides and top of the sight, and the click is easy to feel when you turn each. A general rule with Truglo is 1 clock equals ¼ inch at 25 yards. I found this to be fairly accurate. 

Parallax Free from 30 Yards

Parallax free from 30 yards is truly a great measurement as many competitive products are from 50 yards. I honestly had no issue with parallax at any shooting distance once I had the sight comfortable and properly mounted.  

Integrated Mounting System

Close up picture of truglo mount

The integrated Picatinny/Weaver-style makes it a cinch to attach to any existing rail system. It set and fit snug on my rail, and was easy to tighten. Just a few notes- your hand tightening will not be enough, and you definitely need to use the included allen wrench to secure it even if you think it is tight enough. I made this mistake and after a few shots it was off zero due to it not being held securely. After lightly tightening it, it took a few shots to re-zero and I have had no issues since. I do recommend using the blue loctite to help hold it in place better to avoid anything loosening if you are getting some regular use out of it.

My Personal Take 

Woman using truglo red dot sight

Since my initial shooting experience with the sight, I have had the chance to check out similar sight designs that are in a much higher price range. The biggest takeaway I had was how much sharper the reticle image was compared to the Truglo, but other than that, I found no other major distinctions. In the long run, they may hold up better and be more dependable, but I don’t see why taking care of this choice won’t provide a long life. 

Would I want it for precise, competitive shooting, or for targets over 150 yards that I had to depend on? Probably not. I bought it for plinking, some friendly competition, and hog hunting uses- and also plan on adding iron sights to my AR so I can take advantage of the co-witness effect it will provide.


Truglo sights offer a quality design and the workmanship on this product is solid. Everything works as it should, the dials and screws are tough and provide ease of use but are not too loose, or too tough to turn- I feel it offers a good balance. The lens shield is easy to slide on and off and keeps it well protected when not in use, and the battery is easy to change without screwing up your adjustments. 


The design leaves nothing to the imagination and addresses all major needs. Color, reticle style, and brightness adjustments with a quick turn makes quick work of personalizing to your preferences. 


The lifetime warranty on the product makes it a good deal. I’ve seen a mixed bag of reviews concerning people trying to get hold of Truglo for warranty purposes on a variety of products, but the consensus is they stand by their products against workmanship issues and defective products. 


A lot of people may say you get what you pay for, but honestly, this isn’t a cheap product. It is a solid sight that does everything it claims and provides an accurate target acquisition for a variety of shooting needs. Being able to buy the top-of-the-line everything is a great ability for some people, but many gun enthusiasts don’t have that capability, but still want to enjoy the sport. 

I’m of the mind that just about any gun is a good gun, and most accessories are going to provide you what you need. There is no room for snobbery on the range anyway- only comradery. The Truglo open dot sight is a great solution for anyone on a budget who still wants a dependable brand name and not a cheap knock-off. I found it a great solution for my needs and absolutely recommend it.

What Others Are Saying

Overall 7 out of 10 shooters recommend the sight, many offering comparisons to other options and finding it to be just as good and as easy to use as similar designs. The open dot is a great choice for shooters who require a wider field of vision, such as myself due to contact wear and my shorter arm length that makes looking down a tube difficult. 

Those who didn’t like it reported issues with the product and not its overall use. They mentioned adjustment problems, or finding it wouldn’t stay zeroed in well- two issues that are easily corrected with a new battery, taking advantage of the warranty, or using a blue loctite to secure the threading more securely. No solutions were provided in any scenario so I’m unsure of the accuracy of the complaints.

Other Brand Options

If you want to take a closer look at other, similar choices, we can recommend the following as well:


Leupold DeltaPoint Pro Reflex Sight


Leupold DeltaPoint Pro Reflex Sight


  • Dependable and sharp, illumination adjustment
  • Not dual-colored or multi-reticle


6 MOA red dot


HOLOSUN - HS510C Reflex Red Dot Sight for Longer Barrels


HOLOSUN – HS510C Reflex Red Dot Sight for Longer Barrels


  • Dependable and sharp,auto illumination adjustment, multi-reticle
  • Not dual-colored


2 MOA Dot, 65 MOA Circle





  • Wide field of view, dependable, illumination adjustment
  • Not dual-colored or multi-reticle


3 MOA red dot


When you want a red dot style sight without the incredible price tag, I highly recommend the Truglo brand of sights for a dependable, albeit affordable alternative. I found the open dot sight to be an excellent option, especially as a beginner red dot user, as it was forgiving in my adjustment attempts and provided me with an accurate and dependable target once I had it zeroed in. 

We’d love to have the chance to answer any questions you may have and hear from your own experiences concerning this product, or other similar Truglo red dot products. And, as always, please share!