Taurus 1911 Upgrades & Accessories – Grips, Triggers, Sights, and More

Popular for over a century, the 1911 handgun model is powerful, easy to grip, and comfortable to carry. Made by various manufacturers, most accessories and upgrades are easily interchangeable- but always be aware that some brands are proprietary, and you will need to watch for compatibility. One of those is the Taurus PT 1911, but we offer some of the best 1911 accessories and upgrade options below if you choose to customize your PT1911.

1911 Rise To Popularity 

The 1911 is a popular pistol that was originally designed to hold a .45 ACP cartridge. Standard military issue from 1911 to 1985, it has gained ground as a civilian top pick, and is even offered in smaller caliber options for comfortable concealed carry. The single action, semi-auto magazine fed choice is offered in a large range of sizes to fit the needs of just about any shooter, and is a go-to for firearm enthusiasts because of it. 

Modifying The PT1911

Although modification of this design is not that popular, knowing what you can do for a more comfortable shot, or to help replace worn out parts is worth knowing. We offer some of the best 1911 parts below for you to take a closer look at if you find yourself ever in need. 

Many people prefer smaller brand caliber models for conceal carry, and look for smooth pulling triggers and textured grip upgrades for accuracy, while the larger, 9mm and .45 caliber options are more reminiscent of the standard military sidearm. Customization for a more personalized shooting experience is popular for these more traditional designs. 


Easy to change out to reflect a customized feel or personal style, grips are a simple way to upgrade your firearm for improved accuracy, comfort, and draw

1. Adding Color

Taurus 1911 pistol grips interference cobalt blue plastic
Image Source: ebay.com

Just adding a pop of color may be the improvement and customization you prefer for your pistol. These colored grips are a great way to get what you want and give a splash of uniqueness to it without going overboard. 

2. Make A Statement

Tek_Tactical Art 1911 Grips Full Size for Kimber Colt Rock Island Springfield Taurus

Have a message you want to send? Designed to highlight your personal style, these grips are easy to add onto your existing pistol, and are designed not to be too bulky or uncomfortable in your hand. 

3. Personalized Style

Taurus PT1911 pistol grips gold skull on black plastic
Image Source: ebay.com

More for show than anything, these types of grips are a fun addition to pieces you don’t plan on using too often or have on display. Since grips are incredibly easy to trade out with little effort, you can always make it more functional without a hassle. 

Magazine Catch   

If you shoot competitively, then you know how important a smooth magazine release is. If you are not happy with the feel of your magazine catch, you can easily swap it out to change size and shape for a better fit. 

4. .45 Caliber Magazine Catch

Taurus, Model PT-1911, 45 Caliber, Parts, Magazine Catch
Image Source: slinksgunparts.com

It isn’t unlikely for a magazine catch to begin to stick or wear over time, and they are an inexpensive part to replace. Just be sure to have an experienced gunsmith take care of this simple job for you to ensure all is properly set in place. 

5. .45 Caliber Magazine Catch Replacement

Taurus 1911 45acp Pistol parts: MAG CATCH
Image Source: ebay.com

Ready for installment, replace an old, worn out magazine catch with one in better condition. A quick and easy job, a well-practiced gunsmith, or anyone capable of taking apart and putting their gun back together can handle this task. 

Mainspring Housing + Magwell   

Swap out the housing and tighten up your magazine fit with this basic upgrade. Minor overall, they provide a different look to help reflect your personal style and can ensure easier and faster magazine changes. 

6. Mainspring Housing Replacement

Taurus PT1911 45acp Pistol parts: MAINSPRING HOUSING
Image Source: ebay.com

Swap out your old mainspring housing for a new look and in the process extend and improve your grip. This is a quick, affordable way to customize the feel of your grip without too much effort. 

7. Drop-In One Piece Mainspring And Magwell


Easily expand your mag well opening 100% for easier magazine use and faster mag changes. It also increases the grip length by ¼ inch to give you greater leverage and recoil control. 

Full-Length Guide Rod   

A full-length guide rod will help create a tighter barrel to slide fit for smoother cycling. This can also influence an improved accuracy depending on your model of firearm. 

8. Guide Rod And Spring Kit   

WILSON COMBAT - 1911 Flat Wire Recoil Spring Kits

Included with this full-length guide rod is a chrome silicon flat wire recoil spring. The replacement of both in your model pistol can help improve cycling and overall operation, and allows you to experience smoother cycling, and more enjoyable shooting.

9. Full Length Guide Rod And Plug


Replace your 1911 stock and recoil spring guide and pug in a full size bushing barrel with this easy to install, flat wire full-length upgrade. It includes a hole for simple pin-style takedown and can help improve cycling and create a smoothing shooting experience. 

Slide Release And Stops

Slide releases allow you to manipulate your pistol more easily during reloading and malfunctions. Slide stops and releases are excellent for carry and competition upgrades. 

10. PT1911 Slide Stop Replacement

Taurus PT 1911 45ACP, Pistol Parts, Slide Stop
Image Source: ebay.com

This stock replacement is perfect for a rebuild. This is a Taurus brand replacement choice that will fit perfectly, but you may want to have a gunsmith put it in for the perfect fit. 

11. Speed Slide Release Replacement


Wider and longer than a stock slide, this replacement is perfect to help speed up your magazine changes and allows you to keep your eye on target while doing so. Easy to reach and smooth to use, it is a great option when speed counts. 


Many people prefer aftermarket magazines to factory brand options for a variety of reasons. No matter what, having multiple loaded mags on the ready makes a day on the range shooting much more enjoyable. 

12. Taurus 1911 Commander Stock Replacement

Taurus 358-0013-01 1911 Commander .45ACP 8 Round Magazine With Pad
Image Source: ebay.com

Perfect for use as an extra mag, this option is a stock Taurus choice for the 1911 Commander. It is always best to have 2 to 3 extra mags for competitive shooting or just to save you time when on the range. 

13. Taurus PT1911 Stock Replacement

Taurus 8 Round .45 ACP Detachable Magazine, Blue

This is another perfect stock size match and allows you to have 8 extra rounds on hand for competitive shooting, a long day plinking, or just as a backup. No need to worry about fit since it is made specifically for the PT1911 by Taurus. 

Best 1911 Sights

Upgrading sights is a simple, and easy way to change the look and help personalize your shooting experience. Based on personal preferences, be sure to pick something that is compatible with the PT1911 as not many are available for this specific model. 

14. NOVAK Rear Sight   


PT1911 rear sights are not all that easy to swap out, simply because not many aftermarket products exist for the model. But the Novak rear sight offers all light, including night, conditions to help you stay on target. It works with their front sight for perfect 3 dot alignment. 

15. NOVAK Front Sight   


Use the Novak rear sights to create the perfect 2 dot alignment that works extremely well for low light conditions. Be aware the fit might be a little tight, and a gunsmith may be needed. 

16. Interchangeable Front Sight

Hi-Viz Taurus PT-1911 Interchangeable Front Sight

If you only want to swap out one sight, take care of your front sight. This interchangeable option provides a bright series of pipes you can change out depending on preference and lighting conditions. 


The weight and feel of your trigger pull can be highly influential on your shooting style. You can replace the trigger itself, or even replace the whole group to help customize the feel to your own preferences and needs.  

17. 3-Hole Fitting Trigger


The control of your firing has a lot to do with the feel of your trigger, and replacing a stock trigger with something more comfortable can make a huge difference in accuracy and comfort. Just be sure to have a gunsmith do the fitting for you. 

Spring Set   

Spring sets are an easy replacement that help upgrade old pistols and give them new life. Be sure to have your spring measurements for your 1911 model in hand before ordering in case any modifications in the past have been made. 

18. Wilson Combat 5” 1911 Spring Set

Wilson Combat - 1911 Complete Spring Kit - Full-Size
Image Source: ebay.com

This spring set has all you need to help update your worn out 1911 shooting. It is made specifically for the 5” and so you need to ensure you have the proper model to help improve your trigger pull and reduce force on the slide. 


Carrying your 1911 should always be done in a responsible and comfortable manner- no matter whether you prefer concealed carry or open carry. Choose a holster that fits your model and your body type for easy draw and long term carry. 

19. Small of Back Belt Holster

Taurus PT1911 5" Leather Gun Holster Pro Carry SOB Right Hand Small of Back Black

This lightweight and supple choice allows your belt to slip easily through it for comfortable small back carry. Perfect for under long shirts and jackets, it provides concealment uses, and fits most body types well. 

20. Right Handed In Waistband (IWB) Holster

Taurus PT1911 5" Leather Gun Holster Pro Carry Shirt Tuck Right Hand IWB Black

In the waistband holsters are most popular with concealed carry license holders. They allow you to place them where the carry is most comfortable and fit snug against your body without restricting draw. 

21. Left Handed In WaistBand (IWB) Holster

Taurus PT1911 5" Leather Gun Holster Pro Carry LT Left Hand IWB Natural

Similar to the holster above, this is a loft handed version for easier, and more comfortable, draw. The leather will become even more supple with use and soften to form against your body. 

22. Right or Left Hand Shoulder Holster

Taurus PT1911 Rails Leather Shoulder Gun Holster Horizontal RH Right Hand or LH Left Hand Black or Brown Concealed Carry

Shoulder holsters are amazingly comfortable for most men and women, but do generally fit best under a jacket as they are not easy to conceal and can create issues with your draw without the proper clothing. 


Searching for Taurus PT1911 upgrades isn’t always the easiest thing to do since modifying the model isn’t often commonly done. But upgrading for comfort, shooting style, and due to wear and tear is something you may want to consider. The list we’ve provided above are choices that will work with a Taurus PT1911 model, despite the brand’s proprietary leanings. 

Let us know what other products you’ve found that work well with the design, and why you prefer it below! And always, please share!

22 Best Upgrades for the Taurus 1911 - infographics

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