Taurus G2C Problems: The Rare Issue and How to Fix Them

The Taurus G2C has quickly become a popular go-to for day to day carry options due to its durable, affordable design. Considered a reliable semi-compact that can pretty much handle anything you load it up with, it’s rare to run into any sort of major issues- but when you do, you want to be prepared. 

All firearms run across the possibility of presenting a problem you may need to troubleshoot. Sometimes these are due to use and maintenance, but others may be more specific to the brand or model. Knowing what sort of Taurus G2C problems may exist can help you decide in advance if this is the pistol for you. 

What to Watch For

Taurus G2C in green background

The budget-friendly price point the Taurus G2C offers speaks for itself, but the fact that it is also a reliable and comfortably accurate choice makes it a go-to conceal carry option. Problems with the model are few and far between, and very few people ever have to deal with troubleshooting of any kind- however, the rare issue may arise. Most issues are more personal in nature or related to use and maintenance, but some people may run into an issue with the slide or feeding.

It wasn’t easy to find many complaints surrounding the use of the G2C, but a few exist that are worth taking a closer look at when you are narrowing down a new firearm purchase. This is also helpful info in case you run up against any of these issues.

Safety Issues

If you have come across the recent discussion surrounding a possible issue with the G2C safety, it’s important to take a closer look at any situation that might create a failure of safety to occur. Our own research into this specific problem highlights a real issue with safe gun handling in particular, and not so much the safety itself. 

The concern is that both the G2C and G3C models will fire when the safety is engaged. If true, this can be a very concerning issue, as anyone depending on a safety as a means to avoid accidental firing will understand. However, on closer inspection, the threads pertaining to this, as well as the videos attempting to recreate this don’t exactly point to a safety concern. Rather, they point to poor handling of the gun instead. 

The issue points to the safety not being fully engaged, and is not a design flaw, but rather what occurs when you are messing with the safety and not using it properly one way or another. Taurus has addressed this on page 9; Subsection 3 of Firearms Safety in the G3C Manual, stating,

“When you do engage the safety, it needs to be all the way in the Safe position, not halfway or at some other point in its travel. Do not play with the manual safety and you will avoid accidents.”

Warranty Concerns

Most firearm enthusiasts have favorite brands and models for various reasons. Taurus is not always a popular choice with everyone. Sometimes it has to deal with quality perceptions, the assumption that a low price point negates dependable use, or simply poor customer service. 

Taurus G2C models used to only have a 1 year warranty, and this rubbed a lot of people wrong. They felt it wasn’t enough time to put some real wear on it, or run enough ammo through it to determine if there truly was a manufacturer’s issue. However, the 1 year warranty has been extended to a limited lifetime warranty– similar to what they offer on many of their other models. 

Customer service is considered subpar at best, and while they will absolutely hold up their end of the bargain, it may require you to take care of the relentless communication and documentation of your conversations with them. If you do ever have to deal with the Taurus service department, always be sure to write down the info you receive and don’t hesitate to call back and follow up until you get answers. 

Reliability of Trigger Issues

Despite the G2C considered a dependable firearm, on the rare occasion, there has been a mechanical issue with the trigger that has frustrated owners. With any mass-produced product, this is a possibility, and doesn’t necessarily speak poorly of either the model or the brand. 

However, it is a frustrating experience and can create a dangerous situation if you depend on the firearm for self-defense. This is exactly why experienced gun owners will tell you to regularly shoot and train with your pistol for both muscle memory, and to determine if any problems exist. Luckily, you don’t have to blow through your ammo to discover a trigger issue. Dry firing training techniques will highlight any issues if they exist. 

If you find your G2C isn’t firing when it should, be sure to take advantage of the lifetime warranty and get it sent back to Taurus ASAP to determine exactly what is wrong and get a replacement. 

Slide Problems

If you have a new G2C and are finding the slide or slide catch to be a bit problematic, you aren’t alone. In fact, this is a common issue with many new pistols, simply because they are brand spanking new. A stiff slide catch (or release) that isn’t fully engaged can create issues with how easily your slide closes. 

To solve this issue, take care to push the slide catch down completely as it can catch and create stiffness issues or keep your slide from working as it should. The more you use your gun, the easier this will become, but even if you continue to feel this is more stiff than it should be, this is still a normal issue as it is quite literally built to catch your slide. 

Failure to Feed

No gun owner wants to discover their ammo is failing to feed properly, but it can happen from time to time. Usually, this has to do with poor quality ammo, but since the G2C is considered pretty dependable with just about anything you can feed through it, if this happens with your weapon you definitely want to troubleshoot the issue.

First off, with any new gun, you do really need to clean it up good before taking it out for live fire exercises. You never know what it has been exposed to or how it was stored before you acquired it- and lubricating all the parts well ensures you are familiar with your weapon and have a clean start.


Often, failure to feed problems with a Taurus gun is easily solved by slamming the back forward rather than trying to force the slide back. Also, breaking it in good at the range will often solve any issues with mass production that may have left a burr of metal on a part that is creating interference. A stiff spring can also be problematic, and sometimes simply leaving it compressed for a few weeks will help with feed stiffness.

And, I hate to state the obvious, but you might just have a bad mag. Get yourself a better one here. However, if you keep running up against the problem, or are finding you have cartridges getting jammed, you definitely want to get in touch with Taurus to take advantage of their warranty.

Shallow Sight

Ok, this might not really be anything most people would complain about, but I promise, there are picky whiners out there. I suppose they are allowed their opinion, but honestly, the sights a G2C comes with aren’t a game-changer if you want the gun.

The sights are somewhat shallow overall, but the rear sight is adjustable and you can also easily replace the sights with the wide variety of alternative options that are out there. The fact that the gun is equipped with an accessory rail allows you to get it exactly how you want it. 


Man holding a handgun.

Overall, The Taurus G2C really can’t be beaten for its price point. Coming in at around $100 less than its closest competition, it is considered a dependable little piece that is great for day to day concealed carry. It might not be everyone’s first pick, or even be overlooked by long-standing gun enthusiasts, but it definitely provides a quality choice for what it has to offer. 

The problems that may arise are not truly specific to the model or brand, and can occur in any mass-produced weapon from time to time. Luckily, most are easy to troubleshoot and take care of on your own, but a lifetime warranty covers anything that is obviously a manufacturer’s defect. 

We’d love to hear your take on this particular firearm, and what issues you may have run up against- and what your solution was. And, as always, please share!