Best Hidden Gun Storage Safe And Furniture

The majority of gun owners have a secure, safe place to store their firearms. Storage and safe solutions are not just to help organize and keep your guns in an accessible, yet secure place. They are the best way to keep children from accidental harm, and also keeps your property from unwanted attention.

Hidden safe and storage solutions take security one step further and allows you to store your property in a manner that is not noticeable to anyone looking. This has many advantages, and it is well worth your time to explore hidden gun storage options. We have researched some possible options you might find useful below.

Advantages of Hidden Gun Safes

Hidden or disguised gun safes have a plethora of advantages you might want to consider taking advantage of. Having one also doesn’t mean that has to be the only way you store your firearms. Many people have multiple storage options, with hidden choices used for specific types of guns, or to help conceal weapons that you want within reach in high traffic areas, such as a hallway, living room, or bedroom. This helps with the convenience of being able to arm yourself in various scenarios without having to go to one specific area in the home. 

The other benefits of their use are pretty obvious as well. One of the most burgled items from homes during a break-in are firearms, but if a thief can’t find them, they can’t steal them. Having them hidden away also keeps young children from being interested, and helps you begin teaching them about firearm safety and storage when they are old enough to understand the true significance of the power of guns and why they should be kept safe when not in use.

Another reason to have them hidden is privacy. Sometimes you just don’t need your friends and family to know all your business and it’s best to keep things out of sight anyway. 


Depending on the type of gun safe you have for hidden storage, you might not have the most protective option in case of fire or natural disaster. Many types of traditional gun safes are rated for high temperatures and water protection, but hidden safes often look like furniture or other decorative items and are made of wood or similar materials that might not survive heat, water, or home destruction. 

Also, if people know to look for hidden options, they aren’t as secure as various other types of firearm storage-making your guns easy to steal. 

Rules to Using Hidden Gun Safes

Hidden gun safes are hidden- for a reason. Whether you’ve decided what you own is nobody’s business, or you simply feel like the added security is a better way to add protective measures throughout your home, you need to follow a few simple rules to keep them secret. 

  1. The location and access of your hidden gun storage should be known only by you, or select gun users in your home.
  1. Make sure your hidden safe choices are truly disguised. You don’t want to choose options that stick out from your decor, making them obvious that one thing amongst others doesn’t belong.
  1. Hidden safes are designed to be used, not just a place to store weapons. If you need storage, look for more traditional solutions and place them in closets or other out-of-the-way areas. Use hidden safes for quick access or privacy.
  1. Don’t give yourself away when accessing your firearms! If you want your safe in place as a means to keep children safer, don’t remove a gun in their presence.
  1. Get creative in your options! Furniture, picture frames, mirrors, bookcases, and shelving are just a few examples of ways to hide your guns in plain sight.

Hidden Gun Storage

There are a surprising array of various hidden gun storage ideas you can take advantage of. Plus, they can fit everywhere from in plain sight in a living room, to a shelf in your closet without giving away what it conceals. If you are considering adding this storage solution to your home, you may first want to do a bit of exploring of the many solutions that exist.

1. Hidden Frames

Picture frame with hidden gun and passport

If you hang photo galleries, then a picture frame that hides gun storage is a great way to place a weapon in a high traffic area hidden in plain sight. These are set along the wall or on a desktop and offer the means to open the frame to reveal a snug storage place. 

2. Side Table Storage

Table with a hidden compartment

Bedside tables are a popular place to keep a firearm in case of a night time emergency, but the location can be problematic as drawers are awkward and too easy to access – and the tops get easily cluttered. This design solves this problem and offers a drop down and sliding compartment that is quick to get to. 

3. Books Worth Reading

A simple book with a hidden compartment

Everyone needs a well stocked bookcase in a house. Seriously. Reading is a great way to expand the mind and think for yourself, and books are commonly ignored (unfortunately) by many. That’s why they make a great hiding place, especially when you use a hollowed out book cover to stash a gun in.

4. Mantel Clock

a clock with a hidden storage

If you have a fireplace mantel, it’s the perfect spot to place a mantel clock. Rather than invest in an expensive antique, choose one that has been designed to hold your favorite handgun in the recesses of the backing. They also work well on top of cabinets and decorative shelving.

5. Air Flow Vents

Airflow Vent with a hidden compartment

A little ingenuity is all you need to create a false air flow vent front to stash your guns within. Depending on the depth of your wall, you can most likely have a decent size recess to place various firearms in. With ‘screws’ holding everything in place, nobody is even going to look twice. 

6. Sliding Wall Storage

Wall mounted hidden storage

When you are looking for a solution to help organize your keys, wallet, and pocket change when you walk in the door, you might as well invest in a great gun storage solution too. Made from reclaimed wood, these rustic pieces are super cool looking and match a bunch of various decors.

7. Under Desk Space

Under Desk Space for gun

Keep a gun on hand and out of sight with a secure holder that can be discreetly placed under your desk. This is a great way to be prepared for all scenarios without having to try and remove your gun from a more elaborate set-up. After all, when you need to shoot, you need to shoot and don’t have time for the noise and movement opening a drawer or shelf requires. 

8. Drop Down Tactical Shelf

drop down hidden gun storage with two guns

Using false bottomed shelves has become a very popular design for hidden gun storage, but these plans provide an incredibly accessible option that lets you more easily see and grab your gun. The low profile style is also perfect, and is more natural looking compared to competitive brands, and won’t draw attention to itself.

9. Floating Drawers

Wall mounted drawer for hiding a gun

Although not entirely inconspicuous, these wall mounted drawers are the perfect solution for showcasing photos, placing keys and wallets, charging your phone, and stashing your firearm out of view. Versatile in nature, they are great for kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms- as well as office areas and various types of wall recesses. 

10. C-Table Concealment

C table with a hidden storage

Some of the best concealment solutions are options that look like furniture. This C-Table design provides a hidden drawer for easy gun access and creates a visually appealing option that you can use for book storage, extra work surface space, or to show off pictures and various other collectibles or knick knacks.

11. Message Board

message board with a hidden compartment

It used to be that everyone had a message board near their telephone, and the art of utilizing cork or dry erase boards to help communicate is back in style. This cork board can be lifted to reveal a hidden compartment that easily holds a handgun and extra magazine. You can also tuck in pepper spray or other self-defense options that you want to be able to grab if ever needed.

12. Flip-Up Globe

A globe with a hidden compartment

This unique design offers plenty of storage for up to 3 handguns and various valuables that you want out of sight. The design utilizes 3 adjustable rods to keep things secure, and the hinged globe provides an aesthetically pleasing display for office and living areas. Plus, most people don’t look for awkwardly shaped displays as gun storage options.

Hidden Rifle Safe and Storage

The length of a rifle can make it more difficult to store in a manner that is hidden amongst day to day items or in an out of the way spot that is not noticeable. Luckily, there are some great solutions to help hide your rifles just as well as you can a handgun. Built in shelving and bookcases, and even functional cabinets are all ideas to take advantage of.

13. Patriotic Sliding Displays

American flag design with a dropdown compartment for rifle

Sliding, decorative wall displays are a great way to store a wide variety of gun and gun accessories. These patriotic options are wooden and provide a handmade choice that can be customized for your specific needs and preferences. They also are offered in various sizes and styles so you get a personalized fit. 

14. Ottoman Options

Mini couch with a hidden compartment

Other than providing a great place to prop up your legs, ottomans always seem like a great waste of space. The bulk they offer seems like such a great way to take advantage of storage, which is exactly why this ottoman design option reveals a secret compartment big enough for various types of guns and gun accessories.

15. Mirrored Effects

Tactical Walls 1450M Concealment

Standing mirrors are a must for many. After all, you need to see how great you look before you walk out the door each morning. Why not include a recess behind it to help save on space and keep guns in a more private space? That’s exactly what this product does, and it allows you to mount it on the wall for easy sliding access to both long guns and handguns you can stash within.

16. Floating Shelf

Floating Shelf with a hidden rifle

Obviously this is a great idea if the amount of different shelf designs exist out there. Perfect for all types of rooms, and easy to install, these shelves truly allow you to store a wide variety of firearms in a safe and efficient manner, all while keeping them close on hand and out of sight.

17. Hidden Cabinet Rack

Hidden cabinet rack

A hidden sliding rack tucks up behind a functional cabinet to truly provide excellent security and concealment. Quick and easy to access, this is a great way to keep your long guns out of sight and safe. There truly isn’t a much better solution for the length of various shotguns and rifles.

18. Coffee Table

coffee table with hidden compartment

A coffee table, like an otomon, has a great purpose, but is often lacking in functionality. This solution makes it the go-to storage option for all things guns, and provides tons of space for shotguns, rifles, and handguns. It also has plenty of room for scope and other various mods. You can even find room to store ammo if you desire.

DIY Gun Storage Ideas

Even though you might be able to easily take care of some of the previously mentioned solutions on your own depending on your degree of mad building skills, these DIY ideas are explained in a step by step manner to make it easier to get the job done. They also take advantage of spaces that may already exist in your home that you might not have ever considered.

19. Bedpost Storage

Hidden bed storage for guns
Image Source:

Concealing a gun in the bedroom is a popular place due to accessibility for self-defense purposes. Rather than have a bedside table solution, drawer, or lock box, why not take advantage of a bedpost if you have one? Many bedposts are solid, and with a little edgenuity, you can secure a small handgun within.

20. Travelling Solutions

Hidden storage for guns
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If you have a RV, camper or toy hauler, you probably would benefit from a secure, secret way to hide your guns. It isn’t hard to repurpose various areas of your vehicle – such as entertainment center siding or shelving, various cupboards, or even steps. Simply hollow out or access hollow spaces and built in a safe means to transport your guns when travelling.

21. Multiple Gun Storage Solutions

These tactical walls are built in solutions that provide multi-gun storage and access in plain sight. Secure your firearms easily with drop down shelving and in wall security systems that stay hidden until you are in need. They are also great ways to use them as regular safe storage since they are designed for space and not just concealment.


When you want to have your guns secure, but also in a convenient, easy to get to place, hidden storage safes and furniture are well worth considering. The advantages of such a storage solution doesn’t only provide a secure spot, but also allows you to keep your guns away from prying eyes- both friendly and not so much. 

Let us know what hidden storage solutions you have, and share your expertise on the subject! As usual, please share and help spread these great ideas!