Sentry Hexmag Review – Best Choice For Your AR-15

Sentry Hexmag Ar-15 Series 2

Sentry Hexmag Ar-15 Series 2

The magazine features the SENTRY patented Tool-Less Design for fast and easy floorplate removal allowing field cleaning and HexID® color customization.

Hexmag magazines have become a popular aftermarket choice for AR platform rifles as well as many handguns. They are a highly gripable and stylized option, and the SENTRY Products tactical mags are some of the most durable you will find. 

If you are looking for a hexmag design that will load dependably and help you keep your ammunition organized, the SENTRY Hexmags are the choice you want. Project Gunner received a goodie box of some of their most popular buys, and we’ve had some fun getting a feel of their use on the range! Take a look at our Hexmag review below!

Who Are the SENTRY Products Group, LLC?

SENTRY Tactical designs are a more recent company creation and is headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia – boasting the motto “Live to Protect”. They offer a growing line of innovative products designed for shooting sports, military, and law enforcement, and provide a specialized line of materials that are both dependable, and affordable. 

They carry quite the growing line of tactical accessories, as well as bags and packs, covers, branded SENTRY Hexmag products, and specialized solutions for cleaning and keeping your firearms in excellent working order. Plus, all their products are backed by a hassle-free lifetime warranty. 

SENTRY Tactical Review: A Personal Take

hexmag accessories

Although I’m going to focus here on the SENTRY Hexmags, I can’t ignore the rest of the M-LOK Accessory kit the company sent to highlight some of their most popular products. This is a sampling of their popular Hex design grips and tactical accessories, allowing you to create an overall uniform look to your AR platform all while providing a practical solution for grip and balance. 

Their kits include 2 Hexmag Series 2 mags in your choice of 10 or 15 round capacity in their standard orange follower and Hexid color system (more on custom colorization later). They also provide your choice of an M-LOK or KeyMod tactical grip made from an anti-slip rubber, and 4-pack – black rail covers, complete with pre-cut Hexmag grip tape for you to customize your upgraded feel. 

Accessory Kit Overview

hexmag accessory kit overview

First off, I was super impressed at the simple, effective overall design this accessory kit lent to an AR. You do need an M-LOK rail system for the best cover fit, but the covers can be trimmed to length if needed. The grip was easy to swap out, the rail covers set securely into place and don’t move when firing, and the grip tape was easy to apply and sits securely within the Hex cut-outs. This style provides the ability to customize where you prefer the tape – as well as providing a cool-looking design specific to your preferences. 

Hexmag Series 2 Magazine Review

The SENTRY Hexmag series 2 is offered for both AR-15 and AR-10 platforms, as well as for Glock handguns – providing your choice of 5 to 30 round capabilities to fit all your sports shooting, hunting, and competitive needs. Of course, since my personal option is that you can never have too much ammo, or too many mags, I requested the 30 round magazines for use with our AR15 rifles. 

Since our rifles are multi-caliber, I do prefer to feed only one type of cartridge through at a time, and keeping those similar looking casings separate from one another can be a hassle. The custom color-coding system offered by these magazines extends past the followers and is included in the bottom as well for fast identification. 


hexmag accessories availability

The Hexmags are readily available for Glock 17, AR10, and AR15 platforms. For AR style rifles, this means they will readily feed the proper caliber through – which for the AR15 includes .223/5.56x45mm, .300AAC Blackout, .458 SOCOM, .50 Beowulf and other various wildcat rounds that use the same cartridge size. 

Furthermore, they claim they are compatible with a range of rifles, including (but not limited to) the SCAR 16, IWI Tavor, CZ Bren, Beretta ARX 100, etc… Since I don’t own any of these, I couldn’t try it out for myself, but I couldn’t find anything anywhere contesting this – and I highly doubt a company in such good consumer standing would claim otherwise!

I shoot a .223/5.56 NATO Basic Anderson Manufacturing AM15 and have had no issues with feed. However, what I did have issues with was the initial fit. Many aftermarket mags have this issue due to a measurement being off a fraction of a millimeter. With use, they generally resolve themselves and in my case I, could not get the mag to set properly fully loaded and needed to remove one of the cartridges. After that it slid in and latched securely through loading, shooting, and unloading in a variety of scenarios- although I did have to use a bit more pressure than what I am used to.


hexmag accessory kit capacity

The Hexmags come in five-round capacity increments from 5 to 30. I prefer the larger mags for easy cartridge transport to and from the range, and to avoid having to reload over and over. The 30 round magazine held 30 rounds without issue, but as mentioned, wouldn’t latch properly fully loaded. I anticipate this issue to work itself out with more use. 

The rounds were easy to load, and although I found myself catching a bit of overlap along the lip at first, I was quickly able to resolve that by putting downwards pressure in a different spot while loading. Overall, the loading felt a little different than what I am used to, but it was barely noticeable and likely only because I was paying close attention to the feel for feedback. Truly, this was most likely due to the slant of the follower, which lends itself well to seamless feeding. I had no undue pressure for the last few rounds despite the newness of the heat-treated stainless steel spring, and I was able to get all 30 loaded without a problem. 


hexmag accessory kit Construction

The PolyHex2 Advanced Composite polymer construction and patented Hex design is lightweight, tough, and easy to grip. The addition of the Hexture tactical grip tape makes it a bit more ‘grippy” but honestly, I found it to be mostly cosmetic on the mags as they already provided a slip-free option. 

These mags were loaded, banged around in my shooting bag, and unloaded multiple times. They also were dropped in my driveway, and one even pinged off a metal rail and then hit the cement when accidentally dropped. Nothing seemed to bother the durability, and the grip tape also has stayed put well even where it was placed along an uneven edge. 

The inner workings of the mag offer a stripper clip guide for fast reloading, deep catch pockets for improved stability, and a true tool-less design made for easy cleaning and personalization. This is a particularly nice feature since many mags can be a pain to open and clean. 

I’ll go into a bit more detail below on the color ID system they have built into the mag, but the overall design is created for a simple color follower and floorplate swaps, with a sliding bottom that easily slips off and back on – but stay securely in place when shooting and even after banging round in a bag or bouncing off concrete. 

SENTRY HexID Color Ammunition Identification System

SENTRY HexID Color Ammunition Identification System

The patented SENTRY HedID Color Ammo System was designed for quick and easy identification of magazines loaded specifically with a certain caliber round. If you shoot multi-caliber AR rifles, then you know exactly how similar many cartridges look to one another. And shooting one size through the wrong barrel can lead to some pretty dire consequences. 

Color coding your mags for specific rifles and specific cartridges can help keep you organized and avoid any unwanted accidents. Not only does SENTRY offer 4 different magazine colors, including black, FDE, OD Green, and gray, they also offer 8 different follower and HEX floorplate colors for a truly customized color system. They make the follower and base easy to access as explained above so you can change these out as needed. 

Return Policy/Lifetime Warranty

The company offers a lifetime warranty and guarantees their products, so if you aren’t entirely happy with your purchase, you just need to contact them. It is important to note that custom color magazines are only available directly to the consumer.

My Take

rifle with hexmag accessory

Although the current cost of ammo didn’t allow me to put the thousands of rounds through these that I wanted to, I did load and reload over and over, and took it out shooting a few different times to check out the durability of transportation and storage. After loading about 2 dozen times, I did begin to notice it becoming easier to load and catch more securely than when it was brand new (but I still have been unable to place that last round in).  

Would I recommend this company and their products? Absolutely. 

I appreciated the entire accessory kit that was sent, and was impressed with the durable quality. The grip was comfortable and kept a narrow enough hold for my smaller hand, the rail covers provided an unexpected detail to the M-LOK rail system we currently have on the Ruger AR-556, and the grip tape was a fun way to customize the Hex design with a useful product. 

The magazines, despite my initial frustration with their fit, are truly a durable, well-built choice that makes a great replacement magazine when you need AR-type magazines for your collection. The design is easy to use and clean, and the color ID system is a must for any avid shooter. 

What Customers Are Saying

Customers mimic my sentiments, and have provided a 5-star rating across the Sentry website on not only their tactical mag offers for AR-15 rifles, but also for the majority of their products. The color customization of the system, allowing you to choose the color of follower and floorplate with easy swapability, combined with the incredible durability, is an added perk making this a truly desirable product. 


SENTRY Tactical products are definitely worth checking out. They have an excellent range of supplies for you to put to good use, and offer quality products you will want to add to your collection. Protective firearm gear, cleaning supplies, tactical accessories, and even holsters are up for offer and from what I have seen of the sample accessory kit I was sent, there isn’t going to be anything to complain about concerning my next order. 

Let us know if you have any questions or comments, or have tried out SENTRY products yourself! As always, please share!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Hexmags made?

In the heart of the United States, a commitment to excellence and detail brings forth the Hexmag AR Magazine product family. Manufactured with precision and expertise, these products represent the pinnacle of American innovation and craftsmanship. As testament to their unwavering confidence in their products, the makers of Hexmag provide an unshakable, no questions asked LIFETIME GUARANTEE. You can recount countless experiences of users who have invested in these magazines and have been tremendously satisfied with their quality and longevity. For someone who has used Hexmag’s in my AR-15, I can personally vouch for the company’s guarantee. So, whenever you hold a Hexmag in your hands, remember you’re holding an object made in the U.S.A!

Do they make 15 round AR magazines?

Thoughtfully anticipating the needs and desires of their customers, Hexmag indeed produces a unique variant of their top-shelf magazines – the 15 round AR magazine. Distinguished by their thoughtful design, these magazines feature a riveted base plate to protect users and enhance durability. Another detail to note with the 15-round mags- they take personalization a step further. An AR-15 owner can order these magazines in a distinctive HexID color. However, it must be noted that this cannot be altered later: a small trade-off for such a personal touch. It’s a characteristic that I found particularly engaging when I ordered my HexID colored magazines. The ability to identify my magazines at a glance in my range bag is a comfort I wouldn’t trade! So to answer your query, yes, they do make 15 round AR magazines!