Gun Storage Ideas – Keep Firearms Safely Organized

Gun Storage is part of responsible gun ownership. Not only do you want to provide a secure means for your firearms for both safety and maintenance purposes, but you also want to keep your guns from those who have no need to have their hands on them. 

Gun storage ideas not only allow you peace of mind concerning where your guns are stored, but also provide a storage solution for magazines, ammo, and cleaning or gun cases. This helps avoid clutter and keeps everything in one spot for easy access. Take a look at some of the gun storage options we’ve gathered for your consideration. 

How To Store Your Gun

Mature gun shop owner looking at rifle in store

Even the most gun-savvy owner can wonder which is the best way to store their weapons, especially if you continue to collect. That’s why you may want to continue to explore various options, especially when you use your guns for various needs- such as predator control, self-defense, or have more specialized pieces that need a bit more care- or even display!

Many people feel a well-stored gun should be inaccessible to everyone but you, and kept under a locking system of some sort for security reasons. This is especially true if you have young children in the house who are too young to understand the dangers a gun can prevent- even if you regularly expose them to safe handling techniques. 

However, it’s not truly anyone’s place to force a specific form of storage on you, and you need to consider what options are best for your gun use– and storage needs. You also should consider security means to avoid theft since firearms are highly targeted in burglaries

Gun Storage For Defense Solutions

If you are wondering how you can keep a gun easily and quickly accessible for defense or predator control, all while stored in some manner, you aren’t alone. This is a hot topic, especially with some of the modern-day laws working against leaving a gun out in the open for any reason if children under a certain age are present. 

Obviously, this is when common sense and practicality need to rule in your household. Nobody knows your home or needs better than you, and you need to decide the best means for quick access when needed. Magnetic lock storage solutions have become popular for this reason, as have hidden access panels. Of course, keeping firearms out of sight and in tough to reach places can be a solution as well. The bottom line remains, your home is your domain and your decisions concerning firearms should be yours alone. 

Popularity of Gun Lockers and Cabinets

For firearms that are not needed for quick access, gun lockers and cabinets are popular choices. These help keep your gun safe, secure, and well protected- and many times offer an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home decor. These can come in a variety of sizes and ability of placement- such as in a hallway or tucked into a closet recess. 

For gun enthusiasts, these are commonplace in the home simply due to how convenient they are for keeping everything in one place and easy to find. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have various other solutions throughout your home. Take a look at some of the ideas you might want to take advantage of. 

Pistol Storage Ideas : Convenience and Portability

Being lightweight, small, and often used for concealment purposes, handguns offer a wide range of options for storage. Portable locking compartments are also popular and can double as a safe, effective, and legal way to travel on public transportation with your gun as well.

Pistol Hangers

Safety Storage - Safety Solutions for Gun Storage

Affordable and easy to use, these pistol hangers can be used in gun safes and lockers, or with any type of shelving you may have in your house for quick and easy access. Simply slip them onto any ⅝ to 1 inch shelving you are taking advantage of, and then slide the other end into the barrel of a 22 caliber and up pistol. 

Digital Quick Access Storage

3-Quick Access Gun Safe, Fingerprint Digital Keypad Hardened Steel Frame

Want your guns under ‘lock and key’ but don’t want to sacrifice time if, or when you need it? This biometrical key lock provides three different ways to get at your gun- the quickest using a quick fingerprint pad that takes split seconds to use. A digital password can also be set up, as well as a keyed entry in the case of poor power.

Concealment Cases

Bulldog Molded Dbl Pstl Cs 9x12" Gry

Tough-sided, polycarbonate molded gun cases are a great way to protect your gun when travelling, moving from one place to the next, or keep your weapon tucked away at home- all without sacrificing your access. Reinforced corners and a durable zipper, combined with molding foam for keeping your gun where it needs to be are all details worth considering. 

Hideaway Safe

Hide-Away Safe

Designed for quick access mounting under cabinets, shelves, and desks, this hideaway safe is designed for easy push-button lock to keep your valuables safe. With the ability to hold up to two handguns and extra magazines, it also works well for other valuables also. The quick-release mounting bracket allows you to easily move it when needed. 

Hidden Pistol Storage Ideas

Part of the entire idea of storing firearms is to keep them out of sight. Even cabinets that look like regular furniture, or disguised in some manner, hide weapons in plain sight. Take a look at these ideas to help keep your pistols safely tucked away, but within reach when you have need. 

Picture Frame Gun Case

Hidden gun storage picture frame, concealment compartment

Place your firearm along your favorite hallway picture displays, on a bedside, dresser top, or anywhere you display family photos. A strong magnetic hold keeps your gun secure and extra room holds magazines and other small items you want to keep safe. Come with pictures and instructions to put on your own. 


GunVault Speedvault Biometric Biometric Pistol Safe SVB500

A durable speedvault provides biometric options to quickly and efficiently scan a fingerprint (holds up to 20 fingerprints) for quick access. Place on a wall, under a cabinet or desk, or anywhere you prefer to store your gun. A backup manual lock and key allows you access when power runs low. 

Secret Concealment Boxes

Hidden guns storage Secret compartment box Secret gun storage

These secret concealed boxes are efficient and useful options made from reclaimed wood. They offer space for storage, provide a decorative touch, and allow you to safely store your handgun in plain sight. The entire front slides over quickly for quick access of your firearm held securely using magnets against the frame. 

Book Storage

Garrison Grip Leather Good Book Style Gun Case for Carry

Keep your gun disguised and concealed in a book like cover that provides room for secure handgun storage and space for an extra magazine. Choose from various options, such as a Bible or day planner, and take your weapon with you anywhere, or even just keep it in reach on the nearest bookshelf. 

Custom Flag Wall Hanging

CUSTOM Secret Gun Safe Concealable Hidden Case

Show your patriotism with these handmade flag designs that provide a beautiful decorative piece, as well as a safe storage area for up to 4 handguns and/or extra magazines. The RFID battery-powered lock opens with a key card and a backup battery cable and opens in split seconds to slide down the flag and reveal your storage area. 

Decorative Wall Cabinets

Hidden Gun Storage, Concealed Gun Safe

This decorative wall hanging uses rich wooden hues to provide a display you can customize with a name or saying. It swings open to reveal a hidden gun storage compartment that you can customize to fit up to two handguns and extra magazines. The magnetic lock allows you to open it in split seconds. 

Chalkboard Message Center

Large Chalkboard Safe With Lock

Keep your pistols in reach and in plain sight with a chalkboard message center that conceals a hidden sliding panel. The hidden lock makes it almost impossible to tell what it is, unless you know what you are looking for. Sturdy foam comes uncut so you can customize the fit to your gun.

Rifle and Shotgun Storage   

Of course, handguns aren’t the only type of firearms people own- in fact, most people own quite a variety of different types of guns. Storage for rifles, shotguns,and the miscellaneous accessories you may have for them definitely require a bit more space overall. But that doesn’t mean you cannot have effective, decorative storage, or even concealed options. 

Compact Keyed Gun Safe

Key Lock Gun Safe

When you think about gun safety, this is likely the type of safety you imagine. Upright and easy to tuck into a closet, entryway, or along a hallway wall- it offers a two-point locking system to separate ammo from firearms and can hold up to 4 long guns. It is a perfect compact option to store rifles and shotguns for hunting purposes. 

Underbed Storage Locker

Allen Company Gun and Rifle Storage Case Locker

This soft-sided, ridged case is a great choice to hold up to 4 long guns either under your bed or on a shelf for easy access. It provides foam inserts and padded walls to keep your gun secure, and is tall enough for scoped weapons. Easy to open, it is discreet and provides a secure method of storage when needed. 

Gun Vault


This is serious storage and offers a vault-like storage with a keypad for entry. With the ability to hold up to 24 long guns, it more or less has the ability to keep just about every gun you may own safely secured. Plus, extra room inside allows you to store extras and valuables if needed. Rated for protection against 2300 degrees Fahrenheit, it is perfect for protection in case of fire as well. 

AR Gun Locker

Hornady RAPiD Safe AR Gunlocker

Designed for AR rifle storage, this horizontal design holds your weapon perfectly and securely for quick access using RFID lock security. Great for under a bed, on a shelf, in the back of a truck, or tucked into a closet, it can hold two weapons and includes foam inserts for customized fit. The lock cards come on decals you can place on phones, a card, wrist straps, etc for convenience. 

10 Gun Security Cabinet

Stack On GCWB-10-5-DS 10 Gun Security Cabinet - Rifle Storage Locker

Another traditional design, this cabinet can hold up to 10 long guns and offers a removable shelf for storage customization. Barrel rests and foam padding helps protect your guns, and keeps them snug when resting inside. A three-point locking system allows you peace of mind, and a double-bitted lock is tamper-proof. 

Hidden Rifle Storage   

Hidden rifle storage is a popular way to keep your guns safe and out of sight of prying eyes. After all, it isn’t anyone’s business what you own- unless you choose to share. These choices provide various options to keep your guns safe and secure, and work well in any decor or household layout to provide access when you need it. 

Flag Wall Decor

Hidden gun storage. Large American Flag

Handmade, decorative wall art is a perfect way to show off your style while keeping your guns safe and secure from prying eyes. With options to add RFID locking mechanisms, various compartments open to reveal safe storage for guns and extra magazines. Touch base with the makers for customization as well. 

Bed Bunker

King BedBunker
Image Source:

When you have a large number of firearms you want to keep concealed and safe, a bed bunker provides a fool-proof way to keep them out of sight and well away from anyone who might care. Fit to your size bed and lift or remove your mattress to access storage for up to 64 double-stacked long guns in a king-size option. 

Hidden Mirror

Tactical Traps Mirror MAX Gun Storage with Trap Door | Long-Barrel Gun, Rifle

A long mirror is pretty much a staple in most bedrooms, so you might as well make it an efficient option for gun storage as well. The door swings open to reveal space for a variety of various gun types, long guns included. Easy to mount, it includes quick RFID locking mechanisms so you don’t have to waste time with keys. 

BookCase Cabinet

Patriot Large Hidden Gun Storage Bookcase
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This decorative wooden bookcase is great for just about any decor and can be used just like any other piece of furniture to store and showcase decorative items and books. A sliding panel in the back reveals space for up to 5 long guns and comes with security locks as well. You can choose from various wood finishes to fit your home decor as well. 

Shelving Storage

Tactical Traps Defender 45R Gun Shelf with Trap Door

Floating shelves are a popular way to show off favorite collectibles and are found throughout most households. So therefore it makes sense to combine them with gun storage that is effective and secure to keep long guns from prying eyes, all while allowing you access quickly. Use of an RFID lock drops open the storage compartment that you can customize with foam for the perfect weapon fit. 

Built in Desk Storage

Executive Desk
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Customized furniture is a well known commodity amongst gun owners, especially business owners who want to feel secure in their office space. This custom desk is designed to hold various firearms in secure concealed drawers systems for fast access, all while keeping everything away from prying eyes. 

Miscellaneous Gun Rack and Storage Ideas

If what we’ve provided isn’t enough, take a look at these other options that you can apply to your home and private spaces. If you are handy, modifying existing furniture or taking advantage of old pallet wood provides all sorts of materials to make your own as well. 

Gun Rack Decor

Gun Rack From Reclaimed Pallet Wood
Image Source:

Gun racks used to be the main way to store a long gun on a household for easy and quick access. If you like to keep a rifle or shotgun handy for predator control, but also want to make sure your firearm is out of reach of children, or simply just out of the way- making a good gun rack is an excellent way to go. These instructions provide the means for you to make your own customized piece in an affordable, and effective manner. 

Nightstand Storage

Nightstand gun Storage
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Why not reclaim old furniture pieces and turn them into a hidden gun rack? Most particle board furniture is cheap and easy to take apart and add to for full weapon storage customization. For example, this nightstand offers a great way to conceal handguns under the top- an unexpected choice that will keep prying eyes out of your business.    

Customizable Gun Cabinet

gun cabinet

Traditional in style, this is a great choice for home entryways and mudrooms to provide the space for all your firearm needs. Conveniently placed cubbies offer added storage space, and can even double for mudroom use or to help organize hunting and other outdoor gear. 

Gun Rack Option

Wooden Gun Rack
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Make your own customized wooden gun rack to hold your favorite firearms for display or use. This is a great option for older pieces that you want to show off and provide a great background to highlight their workmanship. Easy to make, these instructions provide everything you need to get started. 

Vertical Gun Rack Display

Hold Up Displays 12 Gun Rack Modern Black Steel Tactical Wall Mount for Rifles

Vertical storage is a great way to save space and provide easy access to your weapons. They also often hold a wide variety of gun types, including tactical and more traditional rifle styles. Durable and useful, this option comes with all the mounting hardware you need to take advantage of the space it provides to store your weapons. 


All of these solutions are excellent choices that work well within a huge variety of home layouts and gun storage needs. Whether you need safe and secure storage or need quick access, we’ve got you coerced. We’ve love to hear about your favorites, and what options you’ve put to use in the past as well. Share your thoughts below and, as always, please share!