Best Gift Ideas for Gun Lovers and Enthusiasts

Birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries can be a joyous occasion, but also bring with them a bit of stress when you are struggling to find that perfect gift for your favorite gun enthusiast. Luckily, there are a lot of ideas out there and we have gathered some of the best gift ideas for gun lovers that you can think of and compiled them below for you to pursue through. 

In fact, you might love some of them so much, you might just have to buy two of each- one for the recipient, and one for yourself. But seriously, scroll down and check these out!

Gift Ideas For Gun Lovers

The hardest thing to do when trying to decide what to purchase for a gun enthusiast is keeping yourself from stocking up for personal reasons. There are a lot of options out there for various occasions, so it doesn’t hurt to stock up and keep a few favorites on hand so you always have a gift to give. Everything from novelty gifts, personalized items, to collections are covered. Just keep in mind the personal preferences of the person you are buying for, and make sure they have the storage space to make good use of it all!

1. Universal Cleaning Kit

GLORYFIRE Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

Shooting a gun requires the cleaning of the gun, and although everyone has a cleaning kit, many are specific to the caliber or type of gun and so it isn’t unusual to have multiples tucked away here and there. Help your favorite gun owners keep their cleaning supplies all in one place with a universal kit. 

2. Posters

Assault Rifles and Carbines poster, Vintage Gun poster

Frameable posters that showcase collections, provide information, or are simply funny are great ways to add to a person’s basement, gun room, gun storage cabinet, man cave, or garage to help highlight their love of all things firearms. Be sure to pick and choose from poster sizes that you know are conducive to the recipient’s spaces- and offer to frame it as part of the gift. 

3. Wall Decor

Metal Crossing Guns Wall Plaque Garage Man Cave Pistols Wall Décor

Hanging wall decor is always a welcome addition, and can be placed above doors, in garages, as part of a display or photo gallery, or anywhere else some open space exists. Just like with a poster, be sure to choose the size, style, and decor option that best fits a person’s personal style. 

4. Shot Glasses

BenShot Shot Glass

When your favorite shooter enjoys tipping on back, you can’t go wrong when you offer a unique set of these shot glasses. Made to mimic the illusion of a bullet passing through the glass, this awesome optical illusion is one of a kind, and is sure to be a topic of conversation the next time you want to enjoy a smooth shot. 

5. Novelty T-Shirts

Gun Lover T-Shirts Funny Pro Gun Shirt

Who doesn’t love a good shirt to wear to the shooting range, around town, or out with friends? T-shirts are a great way to share opinions and spread messages and can also be easily customized for an even bigger surprise! Just make sure you pick a color choice they love!

6. Firearm Disassembly Prints

Gun Disassembly Canvas Set, Canvas Print, holiday gift Canvas

Taking apart and putting firearms back together for cleaning, or just for fun, is a great way to learn how your gun works, what makes it tick, and what sort of modifications you might be able to make to personalize it even further. Because of this, firearm disassembly prints are popular and a great way for a person to show off their favorite pastime. 

7. Liquor Decanters

Emisha Gun 5 Piece Whiskey Decanter Set

A well-stocked, quality bar is a mark of refinement (at least it used to be). If your favorite people enjoy a good liquor, storing it properly is an absolute must. Decanters are the perfect way to store and show off a favorite sipping beverage, and well-made displays that incorporate pastimes and hobbies are a great way to do it. 

8. Wood Firearm Models

MP5 Gun Wooden Model - Made of Mahogany Wood

Gun enthusiasts often enjoy everything about guns, including model guns. These detailed wooden firearms are unique replicas that create an awesome conversation piece no matter where they are placed. Not only are they true works of art, but they also showcase an appreciation of the details many guns have. 

9. Gunsmithing Tools


The longer somebody has been around firearms, the more likely they are to begin wondering what sort of gunsmithing, ammo reloading, or modifications that they can do on their own. Whether your favorite gun lover is new at the hobby or adapt, gunsmithing tools are always a welcome addition. 

10. Ammo Crates

MTM 4-Can Ammo Crate AC4C Color

If you own guns, you hoard ammunition for all caliber weapons. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t, but sometimes storing ammo can be quite the challenge, and so solutions that make storage and transportation easy are always welcome. Ammo crates are a great way to organize and store different caliber cartridges and carry them with ease. 

11. Personalized Ammo Cans

Engraved Steel Ammo Can

Ammo cans are another great way to safely store and protect valuable ammo. These are easy to procure due to how many are used, and are an inexpensive way to provide a great gift. Plus, they can be personalized, and then filled with various accessories and goodies to make a true gift basket-esque option. 

12. Wear Your Message

Gun Control Definition (on back) T-Shirt

Again, t-shirts send a message and are a great way to have a little fun, or support some of your favorite things. Personalized shirts are awesome ways to celebrate special events as well, and who doesn’t like to match when headed out to make a statement? Truly, the ideas here are endless. 

13. Canvas Art

LAB Creative Unframed Graphic Art on Canvas

Guns truly are works of art, and when they can be captured in various forms of art, they can be displayed in awesome ways. Add to a person’s gun collection with cool wall canvas art and provide something a bit more unique than just the same ‘ol same ‘ol boring ideas. Plus, wall art helps bring together colors and themes from one room to the next. 

14. Novelty Pens

Pistol Shape Pens Revolver

Although you might want to avoid sending children off to school with these, these fun novelty revolver pens are a great stocking stuffer, gag gift, or addition for your gift-giving ideas. They are perfect for use in businesses catering to a gun-loving crowd as well. 

15. Handcrafted Ammo Storage

Ammo Box 100 Round Storage Case

Want to bring along enough rounds for a match, but don’t want to haul heavy ammo cans or storage lockers? These handcrafted ammo storage boxes allow you to set your rounds for easy access and keep them safe- all behind an awesome protective, custom 3D printed sleeve. 

16. Concealment Mantel Clock

a clock with a hidden storage

Mantel clocks are a classy piece to help you tell time. Although most are antiques and collectibles, these modern takes are expertly aged and built with a hidden compartment to help conceal a pistol in your living areas. Perfect for shelving, bookcases, and fireplace mantels, if you have anyone who loves antiques, this is a great choice. 

17. Compact GunVault Safe

GUNVAULT 1000C Standard Multi-Access Safe

Keeping a firearm secure and under lock and key is part of responsible gun ownership. This compact gun vault safe is a way to help conceal a handgun or two in a manner that is easy to get to, but also keeps away from prying eyes and young children. 

18. Novelty Wine Opener

WineOvation WNO-01 Powered Electric Wine Opener Gun
Image Source:

Wine enthusiasts who also love their shooting sports will appreciate this very functional, high-quality gun-shaped wine bottle opener. What better way to celebrate any occasion by opening an excellent vintage with such a cool tool?

19. Neon Sign

AK 47 gun - led neon custom sign

Help your besties help neon make a comeback with these awesome signs! Bright and long-lasting, they are the perfect addition to dens, garages, and man caves and help highlight (literally) a person’s love of everything firearm. 

20. Getting Western

Leave Guns At Bar Sign

Have a good time with these western, gun-slinging signs that can be placed just about anywhere in a home. Great as housewarming gifts, cabin getaways, and rustic vacation homes, they are fun and whimsical- and perfectly reflect the love of firearms. 

21. Office Details

Mouse Pad,Mat,desktop laptop office Pistol handmade

Look ready to take aim with this highly realistic mouse pad design that has you looking like you are ready to draw at a moment’s notice. Simple, yet fun, this is a great decorative addition to an office or workspace and lets you remember what is waiting once you get your work done. 

22. Keyrings

Mini Metal Shooting Gun Model Keychain

Great for a fun addition to a larger gift, a new set of keys to a house or car, or simply as a gag novelty option, these keyring style firearms are versatile and will grab attention no matter where you go with one. Plus, they work as great gift toppers and can double as holiday ornaments as well. 

23. Trinket Boxes

Western Pistols and Bullets Trinket

Store trinkets, collectibles, and special items in this unique reason box designed for your favorite deputy. Perfect for younger children as well, this detailed design is true to life-size and at first glance looks made from the real thing. The resin pour creates a lightweight option for all your kid’s treasures. 

Gun Accessory Gifts For Your Favorite Shooters

When struggling with the question of what to buy as a Christmas gift, birthday, or anniversary, you may want to put a few things together in a gift basket of sorts (remember those ammo cans from above?) as the best gift for your favorite gun owners. Accessories are awesome to include and are often budget-friendly, allowing you to personalize the gift towards what the recipient truly needs. 

24. Gun Holsters

BRAVOBELT Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry

Gun holsters, especially a universal fit style, is a great way to provide a gun lover alternatives and means to carry their favorite firearm. The concealed weapon holster is an option that works well for all body types and sizes, and offers plenty of room and a safe, snug fit for many different models. 

25. Cleaning Supplies

BIRCHWOOD CASEY Aerosol Combo Pack

Cleaning oils and supplies are always a welcome gift and won’t go to waste when included as part of a gift-giving event. Look for cleansers that work well with various brushes and other cleaning tools, or just provide a grab bag of cleaning items that you know will be put to good use. 

26. Stand Alone Gun Rack


This rounded, stand-alone gun rack is a great storage solution when wall space is lacking. It also is a great way to show off long guns and provides a safe, effective, and easy to get solution for all your favorite shotguns and rifles. 

27. Pistol Mount

Madhouse Designs Single Pistol Mount with 9mm Pin
Image Source:

Tired of struggling to effectively keep your pistol in an easy to draw position while driving? This pistol mount is an excellent solution and provides a very safe and secure way to keep your gun within reach without worry of it sliding around or falling loose when you hit a bump. Easy to install, it is a great addition for anyone who loves guns. 

28. Pistol Case

Maxpedition Pistol Case Gun Rug

Make carrying a handgun to and from the range, or anywhere else for that matter, simple with a basic soft-sided pistol case. Perfect for favored guns, it also fits extra magazines, ammo, cleaning supplies, and various other accessories. 

29. Bench Block Tool

Real Avid Smart Bench Block

Having a dependable tool for taking down a gun, cleaning, and modifying is a must, and this bench block makes all this work a cinch. This is a must-have tool for all gun owners as it offers universal hole sizes for most pin removal 1911 government model barrel bushing wrench, a magnetic surface to avoid loss, and pretty much anything else you might need. 

30. Gun Safe

Moutec Large Rifle Safe

Feeling generous? This excellent upright gun safe is perfect for placing in a closet, office, or other out-of-the-way areas to help safely store and conceal your long guns and pistols. With plenty of room for extras, it offers fire and water damage protection as well. 

31. Cable Locks


Cable locks offer a quick and easy solution for gun security when traveling or in storage. These are inexpensive additions that are worth having around for a variety of reasons and truly, you can’t have too many. 


Although there are many more gifting ideas out there, these are all fun, useful, and quality choices that you can use for gifting on just about any occasion. From more serious and useful gun accessory gifts, to novelty items- there is something for everyone. The important thing is to remember to get something your recipient will appreciate and use, and it never hurts to shop for yourself either. 

We’d love to hear what gun lovers gifts you’d like to receive, and what ideas you have that we can add to our list! Plus, as always, please share!