Best Taurus G2C Sights: Accurate Shooting in All Situations

The Taurus G2C is a popular choice for self defense. It’s friendly price point and dependable use has made it a top pick for both men and women alike. The lightweight design available in both a 9mm and .40 cal platform provide a powerful, yet compact option that is easy and comfortable to carry both concealed and open. 

Handgun with red laser light

Training with your weapon is not only responsible, but is a safe way to become accurate and at ease with your weapon’s use. Learning your line of sight, overall heft, and feel of recoil when shooting are all part of your accurate target acquisition- and a dependable set of sights is a must. The Taurus G2C doesn’t have a huge array of options to pick from when looking for aftermarket sight choices, but we have gathered the best available to provide you dependable choices to consider. 

If you so desire, you can always work with a gunsmith to customize your weapon as well to allow a wider array of sight uses. 

Here’s A Quick Look of Our 5 Best Taurus G2C Sights

How Handgun Sights Work

Handgun sights are pretty self-explanatory, but for the sake of basics, let’s review. Pistols have a front and rear sight passage, generally marked by a rear notch and front sight post. Usually these have colored or white dots that line up when you are level with your target. These help you aim accurately and dependably hit your target

ArmaLaser Designed to fit Taurus PT111 PT140 Millenium G2 G2C G2S G3 G3C TR23 Red Laser Sight with Grip Activation

Aftermarket sights enhance a built in design, and provide more accurate target acquisition- especially in low light situations. They do need to be specific to the make, and sometimes model, for an accurate fit. 

Why Aftermarket Sights Are Worth It

The addition of quality sights on your handgun, no matter what style, provides you the opportunity to extend the range of shooting precision and speed. They are often more useful in low light situations due to the materials they are made from, and offer a more expanded range of choices for your own shooting comfort levels. 

When you train with dependable sights, you become more adept at knowing exactly where your pistol is aimed, allowing you to more accurately draw and acquire a target. This is especially important for self-defense, and can give you quite the edge in competitive situations as well. 

Rear Sights & Front Sights

As mentioned, before committing to a set of sights, you need to ensure they will fit your weapon accurately. Always double check your existing weapon’s sights, because even though a brand may claim the sights work with your particular make and model, it may not be guaranteed. 

Rear Sights


Rear sights are either Dovetail or screw-attached, although for semi-automatic handguns you are most likely always going to be dealing with a Dovetail design. This is a trapezoidal notch built into the gun that uses friction to keep the sights in place. This means your rear sight must fit this perfectly, as only a few thousands of an inch could mean the difference between a fit, or not. You often need a sight pushing tool to remove the old sight and attach the new. 

Screw attach options are almost always specific to a revolver, and is not what is used for the Taurus G2C. 

Front Sights

Front sight fittings aren’t as precise as rear sight, and although your front sight will require a specific type, you generally won’t have any issues with a front sight designed for the make of gun. These are marked as spring loaded, pinned, or screw-attached and are defined by a spring mechanism, screwed in, or screw-attached secure sight, respectively. 

Marked vs Unmarked Sights

Marked vs unmarked sights are defined by whether they are dots, underlines, or lack of marking to help line up your target. These are located on the fixed front or back of your sights, and can be mixed and matched to fit your specific needs. In many competitions you might not be allowed to use certain marks, so always be sure to check in advance. That doesn’t mean you can’t train with them, however. 

Adjustable vs Fixed Sights

Pistol with sights and bullets.

Fixed sights are what comes standard on your gun, and is often replaced with a new option via a sight pushing tool to remove or secure your option. They don’t allow for windage or elevation adjustments, but for a handgun primarily built for self defense – this isn’t really an issue.

Adjustable sights are those that you can modify and fine tune. These are often best for competition, although can serve well for self-defense in the case you use a laser sight. 

Illuminated vs Non-Illuminated Sights

Non-illuminated sights are those that are built for day use and help provide accurate target acquisition via a painted dot or line. Illuminated options can use a glowing dot, often added as an aftermarket effect with a specialized paint, or a replacement sight that uses fiber optics to help collect ambient light and provide a ‘glowing’ effect. 

Laser Sights

Laser sights are how they sound- they sight on your target with a red or green laser and attach in various manners that are non-traditional in nature. Trigger, handguard, and rail attachments are all popular as they provide an easy to see target that can help you become familiar with your weapon without having to line up the sights. This allows you to shoot from more unconventional positions. 

What to Ask Yourself When Determining What You Need

Armed policemen on guard in street at night

A lot of what you need to consider before purchasing new sights is why you have a gun and how you use it. Is it mainly for self-defense and not often used? Is it a conceal carry option and on you at all times? Is it used for competitive shooting and you train regularly with it?

All these questions can help point you in the direction of the type of sight you may want to consider. Easy to see, dependable sights are best for self-defense- including laser sights that provide you a target without having to take the time to look down your sights. Adjustable sights are best for competition, and sights that are low profile are best for conceal carry purposes to avoid snagging on clothing. 

Top 5 Taurus G2C Sight Reviews

Finding a good set of sights for this model Taurus is a bit tricky. There are many sights available for Taurus models released prior to the G2C, but not many that specifically fit this specific gun, and when shopping for sights you need to take specific care to find those that fit. 

This could be because the Taurus G2C was designed specifically for conceal carry, making taking careful aim a secondary thought as drawing your weapon, aiming and firing are all part of good conceal weapon training- and leaves little room for staring down sights for any length of time. However, there are a few excellent options to consider, all which can make training with your gun more enjoyable, and help you become more fluid as you gain familiarity with it. 

1. TRUGLO – Taurus TFX Tritium Sight Sets

  • Sight color: Green
  • Style: Tritium and Fiber Optic
  • Lighting Conditions: Low to no light

TrueGlo is a leading manufacturer of aftermarket sights and provides a wide range of front and rear sets designed specifically for your weapons make and model. In fact, they are one of the only brand names to fit a Taurus G2C. 

This advanced Swiss tritium and fiber optic technology provides a bright target sighting both in daylight and at night. The chemical and shock-resistant capsule that houses the sights is practically indestructible and will not wear or rust with time. The longer sight radius is the best model offered for the Taurus G2C, and the low profile is snag resistant for comfortable wear. 

Who This Is For

When you are looking for the best rear and front sight combo, with excellent glow in the dark and daylight illumination, look no further. 


  • Incredible target sighting both day and night
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Easy to attach


  • May stick a little when attaching
  • Not adjustable

2. TRUGLO – Taurus Tritium Night Sight Sets

TRUGLO - Taurus Tritium Night Sight Sets
  • Sight color: Green/White
  • Style: Tritium
  • Lighting Conditions: Low to no light

Side by side against the TruGlo Tritium, the TFX sight set is not much different, but isn’t quite as durable overall (although most people would never notice that). The front sight has a focus lock ring for improved focus, and only the best Swiss Tritium is used for maximum night time glow. 

The Tritium Night Sight Set provides both front and rear sights, with the back sights as a green, glow and dark option while the front white sight illuminates in dark environments to provide easy target acquisition. Snag resistant, they are made to fit smoothly into most holsters for conceal carry purposes and a low profile. 

Who This Is For

Excellent budget TruGlo set, this is almost as good as its more expensive counterpart but helps you stay in budget without sacrificing quality target sighting in low light. 


  • Fits a wide array of Taurus model weapons and provides a snug fit
  • Incredible glow in the dark sighting
  • Easy to attach and use


  • May stick a little when attaching
  • Not adjustable

3. ArmaLaser Red Laser Sight with Grip Activation

ArmaLaser Red Laser Sight with Grip Activation
  • Sight color: Red or green
  • Style: Laser
  • Lighting Conditions: Low to no light / Green in any light

This is easily one of the best laser sights available for the Taurus G2C. The red laser, which is designed for lower light environments, is activated bia a touch sensor along your pistol grip. You can turn it off completely from a master switch, otherwise it will stay on as long as your finger is set along the sensor panel. 

Adjust it as a steady beam or pulse, and adjust for elevation with the included hex key. The company makes holsters for a perfect fit after attaching to your gun as well. Plus, it comes in green if you prefer a strong, easy to see beam in any lighting condition. 

Who This Is For

Great for lightning quick target acquisition, you can avoid switches with the unique touch sensor. It helps you train and get comfortable with aiming and firing from unconventional positions as well.


  • Very easy install
  • Lightweight and works as a part of the gun
  • Amazing activation panel for quick laser sighting


  • May require adjustments every so often after shooting

4. Ade Advanced Optics HG54G Strobe Laser Sight for Pistol Handgun

Ade Advanced Optics HG54G Strobe Laser Sight for Pistol Handgun
  • Sight color: Green or red
  • Style: Laser
  • Lighting Conditions: All lighting conditions / red for low light only

Rail laser sights are amongst the most affordable, easy to install options you can buy. These Ade Advanced green laser sight is compact, lightweight, and attaches easily to any 1913 Picatinny rail. Simple in design, yet powerful, it provides excellent target acquisition in any light condition, daylight included. 

Left hand friendly, it has an ambidextrous switch, and provides a versatile option with both a steady and pulsating light. Budget friendly, it is a great option for a Taurus G2C, although it may not fit many golsters and require you to look for options that provide room for it. 

Who This Is For

If you want a very basic, yet dependable laser sight for training and quick target sighting, this is a great choice. It also comes in red.


  • Tight, spring loaded fit
  • Great accuracy and quick target sighting
  • Easy to zero and install


  • Has a built in power management and will dim laser the longer it is used

5. Glow-ON Original Color Super Phosphorescent Gun Night Sights

Glow-ON Original Color Super Phosphorescent Gun Night Sights
  • Sight color: Multiple color options
  • Style: Paint
  • Lighting Conditions: Low light or dark

As mentioned a few times, finding a good Taurus G2C sight set is very challenging. There are very few options designed to fit this particular model, and although the TruGlo options are a dependable choice, most people opt for a laser or even customized choice to get exactly what they need if a simple front and back sight isn’t their forte. 

However, those who train with the sights that come on the gun often have the best feel of their weapon’s aim and use, but being able to better zero in on a target at night can still be a challenge. If you aren’t keen on dropping the cast for sights that glow, you can easily make your own with Glow-ON phosphorescent paint designed for long lasting durability, and easy application. 

Available in a wide array of colors, you can customize your front and rear sights for low light and nighttime shooting. Original green glow, or a bright green, red, orange, pink, yellow, and even blue are all available to help you make your night time shooting more accurate.  

Who This Is for

This is probably the most budget friendly way to provide dependable glowing front and rear sights, and also helps you avoid the frustration of trying to find the perfect fit for your gun. 


  • Easy to apply multiple layers
  • Very dependable
  • Works in any lighting change, surprisingly bright


  • May wear over time, but can be easily reapplied


As mentioned, there are not many sights available specifically for the Taurus G2C, but the ones we’ve highlighted here are amongst the best to provide you easy target acquisition for training and self-defense purposes. These are quality, long-lasting, durable options that are popular with gun enthusiasts as a favorite accessory. Some, such as the front and back sight combinations, can be used along with laser sight attachments to provide line of sight in a wide variety of shooting situations.