Best Taurus G2C Laser: Accurate Target Acquisition Every Time You Shoot

Once considered an unreliable brand, Taurus has seriously stepped up its game in the last decade and introduced some seriously durable, quality designs backed by excellent customer service and reliable chambering and firing. 

The Taurus G2C is one of their strongest series and provides a choice that consistently makes top handgun lists. It has quickly become a popular handgun pick for concealed carry weapon (CCW) holders, as well as target shooters due to its affordability and dependable 9mm and .40 cal platforms. Compact in design, it has a build conducive for use with a laser, making it doubly effective when used for self-defense reasons (plus it’s just fun to shoot a pistol with laser sights). Take a look at our top best Taurus G2C laser options to determine which is a match for you. 

Here’s A Quick Look of Our 5 Best Taurus G2C Lasers

Benefits of Using a Laser Sight

Handgun with red laser light

Obviously, the biggest advantage of a laser sight is that you can see exactly where your muzzle is pointed, with great accuracy, without having to physically line up your eye to a sight. This allows you to acquire your target no matter what your shooting position is, which can definitely be to your advantage in less than ideal shooting situations.

Obviously, any self-defense situation is going to be a high-stress event, and generally happens quickly. Although CCW training teaches to draw, acquire the target, and shoot in one fluid motion (meaning you never draw unless you are ready to use deadly force) rarely will you be given the time to line up the perfect shot. A laser sight can help you anticipate and lock onto your target that much quicker. 

It also is an excellent training tool, and can help you find the perfect balance and feel of your body as you sight in your target. This can work well if you like to shoot competitively when speed and accuracy counts. Although you will not be able to shoot with a laser sight attached, it can help you become more fluid in your body’s recognition of the target as you lock onto it. 

Plus, as mentioned, it is super fun to use. And the advantage it provides in low light, or at night, is second to none. 


ArmaLaser Designed to fit Taurus PT111 PT140 Millenium G2 G2C G2S G3 G3C TR23 Red Laser Sight with Grip Activation

Laser sights do depend on battery power to work, and they can drain quickly. This means you need to carry spare batteries with you, and also check your battery strength regularly to ensure you are never stuck without its use in the case you actually need it. 

They also are difficult to adjust for windage and elevation. Although this is more of a concern for long shots, and most self-defense shots are fairly close in range. 

Types of Laser Sights

There are actually quite a few types of laser based on how they attach to your pistol. Some of these are additions to your gun, and attach as accessories with very little effort; while others can be built into the design of your handgun, and may require a gunsmith to do the work. 

Laser Grip Sight

These are specially designed laser sights that are specific to fit the grip of your gun. Most have a quick activation switch near where your thumb rests. Some also may activate from hand pressure. These do affect your holster fit. 

Rear Sight Laser Sight

Lightweight, easy to use, and affordable, these affixes to where your rear sights go. They are often less powerful than other options, but do not affect your holster fit.

Trigger Guard Laser Sight

These are versatile and popular and provide many universal fits that work with a wide array of guns. They do make fitting a holster difficult, however. 

Internal Guide Rod Laser Sight

These replace the internal guide rod and do need to be added with the help of a gunsmith. However, they become a literal part of the gun and do not affect holster fit.

Rail Laser Sight

These are also a popular, and affordable option that attaches to your rail. They come in a variety of styles and can include flashlights as well. They will affect the holster fit, and don’t retain accuracy for very long (although they are super easy to adjust). 

Red vs Green Lasers

Laser sights come in two colors: red and green. Without going into great detail about how we see lasers, the nanometer range of these colors, and physics behind why they work, I’m just going to put this here: the human eye is better able to recognize and see a green laser. It is visible both in bright light conditions as well as in the dark compared to red, which means most lasers on the market are green. Correct?

No, actually. Red lasers are incredibly simple to build and only require a light diode, optics, and basic electronics. This makes them affordable, readily available, and just as effective in creating an accurate target. For close range targets this is just as effective, and more economical than a green laser. They also work well in low light and dark situations. 

A green laser requires a special diode, a second infrared laser crystal, a frequency-doubling crystal, electronics,  and the means to put them all together to create the green laser image that is so easy to see. This results in a more expensive choice (and oftentimes larger choice compared to the compact red lasers), although it is more sought after for all types of lighting situations and longer shots. 

Top 5 Taurus G2C Laser Reviews

These options are some of the best designed to specifically fit your Taurus G2C flawlessly. They all are of various design and/or use for your shooting needs- whether it be for increased self-defense, or target training. Keep in mind when you look over your choices how you generally carry your weapon, as some laser sights are not as holser friendly as others.

1. Viridian – Essential Laser

Viridian - Essential Laser
  • Type: Trigger Guard
  • Color: Red
  • On/Off: Ambidextrous Switch 6 hours

This E Series Essential trigger guard laser sight manufactured by Viridian is a top pick due to its easy to use design that is both accurate and dependable. The thermo-plastic polymer housing is incredibly lightweight and provides a red laser visibility for a full mile in low light conditions, and up to 25 yards in bright conditions. The 6 hour lifespan is more than enough for long term use, and is easy to turn on and off due to the ambidextrous activation button. 

Who This Is For

This is a great option for accurate, red laser clarity. If you prefer full control over when your laser is on and off, this is a great choice.


  • Incredibly accurate between 25 and 50 yards
  • Great for left handed shooters
  • Instant, easy installation


  • Not as clear in bright light
  • Effects holster fit

2. ArmaLaser Red Laser Sight with Grip Activation

ArmaLaser Designed to fit Taurus PT111 PT140 Millenium G2 G2C G2S G3 G3C TR23 Red Laser Sight with Grip Activation
  • Type: Trigger guard
  • Color: Red & Green
  • On/Off: Touch sensor with master power switch

The ArmaLaser trigger guard red laser is activated when you grip your pistol with a touch sensor and will stay on as long as you continue to grip your gun. It also has a master power switch so you can turn it off for iron sight practice. Plus you can adjust it to a steady beam or pulsing beam and easy adjustability with the included hex key. The company also makes holsters specific to easily fit your gun and laser combo. It comes in green as well.

Who This Is For

If you love the idea of an automatic laser without having to push a switch, and don’t want to worry about extra weight- this is for you. 


  • Easy install and easy to sight in
  • Fits well and incredibly lightweight
  • Finger activation is amazing


  • May require readjustment after shooting

3. TACTICON Laser Sight, Picatinny Rail, Red Dot Laser Sight

TACTICON Laser Sight, Picatinny Rail, Red Dot Laser Sight
  • Type: Rail Sight
  • Color: Red
  • On/Off: Push Button Activation

Looking for a dependable laser but don’t want to spend a lot of money? The Tacticon laser sight attaches effortlessly to a picatinny rail, making it an excellent choice for most handguns. It also works great on many shotgun and rifle rails, and provides a dependable accuracy that is easy to zero in. Easy to see with the naked eye up to 100 meters, this is a strong red dot laser system that is small, lightweight, and compact. The push button activation is fast and sensitive. 

Who This Is For

This is an excellent budget deal that doesn’t skimp on quality and detail. Attach,  zero in, and adjust in mere minutes.


  • Excellent value buy
  • Surprising quality and strong laser
  • Extra rail designs allows you to add accessories


  • Short battery life

4. Laspur Tactical Sub Compact Rail Mount Laser Sight with High Lumen Flashlight

Laspur Tactical Sub Compact Rail Mount Laser Sight with High Lumen Flashlight
  • Type: Rail sight
  • Color: Red or Green
  • On/Off: Push Button Activation

If you are going to add accessories and sights to your gun, why not go all out with a laser and LED flashlight combo? This compact rail mount sight includes your choice of a green or red laser and bright LED flashlight illumination. It also has strobe settings and can allow you to use them independently of one another. Ambidextrous switches allow for quick control of your use, and it easily adjusts for zeroing in. Also, the magnetic battery charging allows you to avoid having to carry extra batteries. 

Who This Is For

When you want a seriously awesome, affordable deal- this is a choice you need to consider. Easy to mount, zero, and use, the Laspur Tactical laser sight is designed for sub-compact handgun shooting experiences. 


  • Easy to set up and zero
  • Solid quality and excellent customer service
  • Lightweight and very bright


  • Takes some time to get used to button controls for various uses

5. Ade Advanced Optics HG54G Strobe Laser Sight for Pistol Handgun

Ade Advanced Optics HG54G Strobe Laser Sight for Pistol Handgun, Green
  • Type: Rail sight
  • Color: Red or Green
  • On/Off: Push Button Activation

When you want a simple, easy to use, yet powerful option, the Ade Advanced Green Strobe Laser Sight is a choice worth considering. Compact, lightweight, and easy to attach to any M1913 Picatinny rail, this is a seriously dependable option for laser sighting needs. It also is left handed friendly, and provides an ambidextrous switch for incredibly easy access. Choose between constant on or strobe laser lighting. 

Who This Is For

Simple, easy to attach, and incredibly powerful, this is a high end choice that fits both sub compact and full size handgun rails. 


  • Spring loaded pins provide a tight fit
  • Provides excellent accuracy
  • Easy install and zero


  • Begins to dim after being on for so long due to built in power management for battery saving power


A dependable laser sight gives you a distinct edge for self-defense purposes. You can more easily aim and fire with reliability from any position, as well as train for more accurate fast draw shooting situations. These options are the best for your Taurus G2C, and fit with easy rail or trigger guard attachments to create a reliable, compact accessory add-on. 

Although green lasers are brighter and easier to see in all lighting conditions, red lasers are generally more affordable and equally powerful for closer target acquisition. Luckily, the many choices that exist provide you plenty of choices to discover what is best for your budget and shooting needs.