Best 300 Blackout Suppressor: Safely Lowering Your Pew Factor

When gun shopping you’ve most likely run across the features that allows the easy attachment of a suppressor to various available rifles. Popular with AR style rifles, and particularly 300 Blackout designs, a suppressor is an excellent way to help reduce both recoil and the noise they make while in action. 

Ignore any negative preconceived opinions you may have gathered surrounding the term, gun suppression, and take a look at the many benefits this aftermarket accessory provides to your shooting experience. The buyers guide below explains their use, why you may prefer shooting with one, and which are the best 300 Blackout Suppressors to consider. 

Here’s A Quick Look of Our 7 Best 300 Blackout Suppressors

What a Gun Suppressor Actually Is

Blackout Suppressor

A gun suppressor, also often referred to as a silencer or sound modifier, doesn’t actually cancel out the noise your gun makes upon firing, but it does reduce the acoustic intensity of the muzzle report. It also eliminates muzzle flash, and can reduce the recoil of the shot by modulating the speed and pressure of the gas ejection. This can make firing your weapon much more enjoyable, especially when spending a long day on the range. 

Suppressor Legality

There are quite a few misconceptions and questions surrounding suppressor legality, namely due to their regulation under the 1934 National Firearms Act. During this time they were outlawed due to a rise in organized crime concerns, as well as the assumption poachers were silencing their weapons during the Depression-era food shortages and killing livestock for survival; however these claims have long been debunked as a good reason for the law. 

Currently, there are 42 states that allow the use of suppressors, 40 of which have approved them for hunting. However, it is not easy to aquire suppressors, and you are required to pass the ATF background check. For the majority of people this is not an issue, but is a pain in the rear as it can take up to 9 months for approval. Many people fill out the form in advance if they anticipate a future purchase. Online forms may take much shorter, and if you have questions it is best to speak directly to a licensed firearm dealer who can help you with the process. 

How Suppressors Work

Silencers don’t actually ‘silence’ your weapon, hence why the more accepted name, suppressor, is more accurate. Rather they muffle the sound to a more acceptable, and less painful, decibel level. Created by the same guy who invented car mufflers to muffle the sound of the vehicle, these are simple accessories that screw onto the end of your barrel to create the same effect. 

This is achieved through the series of chambers that exist within the silencer. As the gases pass through these chambers, they are cooled and dissipated before they leave the barrel. This lowers the sound produced when you fire your gun significantly, making it much more bearable to an unprotected ear. 

Benefits of Using Suppressors

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There are quite a few benefits to consider from the use of a suppressor, and the most important surrounds safety. The threshold for sound safety is approximately 140 decibels according to OSHA. To put this into perspective, normal conversation falls somewhere around 65 decibels, and the sound of a cap gun is 155 decibels. Rifles and shotguns fall above this range, and can be damaging to the unprotected ear. 

Sound Reduction

A silenced reduces the decibel range by 14 to 45 decibels depending on the choice you prefer, the type of load you are using, and the firearm. This is a significant reduction, especially when combined with ear protection. It also makes anyone nearby much more comfortable, including neighbors that may be close to where you regularly shoot. 


On that note, it also helps reduce noise complaints during hunting season. Not everyone who lives in the country recognizes the sound of a firearm, and often makes honest mistakes in reporting the sound of a gunshot without understanding the laws. Even if you feel they should inform themselves, a silencer can help avoid wasting the time of local law enforcement and the time it takes out of your hunt. 


You also may experience enhanced accuracy due to the reduction of recoil. Most people shoot better with a lighter recoil, especially when shooting multiple magazines worth of ammunition. It may alter your groupings when compared to when you are not using one, but is not less accurate overall. 

What to Consider When Buying a Suppressor

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If you are new to silencers you may want to consider a few details prior to purchase. Although most gun manufacturers take great pride in their products, you should always be aware of what you are putting your money down on. 

Material Quality

When looking for the best suppressor quality for the money, take into account the materials being used. Titanium and stainless steel are amongst the toughest choices to consider. Some may have protective coatings as well. 

Ammunition Considerations

Be sure your suppressor is rated for the type of round you plan on using. Subsonic ammunition is more widely accepted than supersonic, so if you are going to shoot both, be sure to look for the proper silencer rated for both. 

Noise Reduction Range

Be sure to look for the noise reduction range that will suppress your weapon below 140 decibels. This means you may need to closely look at the specs of your gun, or run a trial of decibel measurement on your own for accuracy. 

How to Install

Although fairly universal, silencers typically screw onto the end of your barrel with very little effort. Always be sure the threading size of your barrel matches the size of the suppressor you prefer. Quick attach mounts also exist if you like to swap out options to other guns on a regular basis.

Top 7 of 300 Blackout Suppressor Reviews

These are excellent choices that provide some of the best noise suppression and durable, long-lasting use. For the most part these are all fairly comparable to one another, but small variances may influence you to love the use of one over another. 

1. Q – Thunder Chicken 7.62mm/300BLK/300wm Suppressor Quickie Fast Attach

  • Cartridge: 7.62 NATO / 300 BLK / 300 WM
  • Length: 8.125 inches
  • Noise Reduction Range: ~ 30 to 40 decibels

Q has quickly become a favorite brand. Started by the original owner of Advanced Armament Corp, these products are well received by shooting enthusiasts, military, and law enforcement all over the world. The Thunder Chicken is one of the quietest suppressors you can buy, and at 8.125 inches it works well for both rifles and pistols without making it too awkward for maneuverability. 

Made from a Inconel 718 and Grade 5 Titanium, it also has an integrated baffle design due to the full-circumferential welding which is a unique technique used by the company for incredible durability and long-lasting use. 

At only 15 ounces this is amongst the lightest options for the length and capabilities. It is compatible with the Quickie Fast Attach system to allow you easy removal and swapping out. It also is full-auto rated. 

Who This Is For

When you want the best and quietest silencer you can buy, Q is the company to take a closer look at, and their Thunder Chicken Suppressor is the one you want (besides, who can beat that name?). 


  • Lightweight and crazy quiet
  • Great length for multiple weapon swaps
  • Very easy to use the Quickie Fast Attach system 


  • Is a bit pricey overall

2. Q – Trash Panda 7.62mm/300BLK/300wm Suppressor W/ Quickie Fast Attach

  • Cartridge: 7.62 NATO / 300 BLK / 300 WM
  • Length: 6.91 inches
  • Noise Reduction Range: ~ 30 decibels

We can’t get enough of Q, LLC due to their consistent turn out of quality items that shine above their competition. Plus, they also name their products awesome things, like this Trash Panda Suppressor that is only 6.91 inches in length and weighs only 11.2 ounces- making it one of the shortest and lightest you can buy. 

Made from a Inconel 718 and Grade 5 Titanium, it also has an integrated baffle design due to the full-circumferential weld- the company’s unique innovative design to build a more durable, long-lasting product. 

Like their other models, it is compatible with the Quickie Fast Attach system and is a perfect size to add to rifle and pistol lengths of all sizes. It also is versatile with many cartridge sizes for powerful sound suppression and accurate shooting impressions. 

Who This Is For

When you want one of the most accurate, lightest, and shortest suppressor, the Trash Panda is exactly what you have been looking for. 


  • Amazingly lightweight and quiet to shoot
  • Perfect length for rifles
  • Very easy to use the Quickie Fast Attach system


  • Pricy, but worth the cost

3. Silencerco – Omega Suppressor Multi Caliber Quick Detach

  • Cartridge: 5.56 mm NATO, 300 AAC Blackout, 300 Winchester Magnum, and 7.62 mm NATO
  • Length: 7.09 inches
  • Noise Reduction Range: ~40 decibels

The Silencerco Omega Suppressor is the budget choice for the range of powerful cartridges it can handle. Made from stainless steel, titanium, and satellite, it is a seriously tough option and includes a quick release option for easy on/off capabilities for quick breakdown or a swap from one rifle to the next.  

At only 7.09 inches it is one of the most versatile, shorter choices that works well with rifles as well as pistols without making it too long and unwieldy. This compact design is highly sought after, and at an incredible value price for what it can accomplish. 

The anchor break works amazingly well to knock down recoil for awesome accuracy and this feature alone is worth its consideration. It also knocks down noise better than many comparable choices, and is able to a 300 Blackout to 119 decibels- approximately a 40 decibel reduction. 

Who This Is For

When you need a more compact option that is both powerful and versatile, this is the choice you may want to look at first. This is for sure a top buyers choice. 


  • Amazing caliber use options
  • Incredible noise reduction
  • Short and light for compact use and maneuverability


  • May be a bit wider overall than other choices

4. Silencerco – Saker 7.62mm Silencer W/ASR MT

  • Cartridge: .22 to .300 RUM
  • Length: 10 inches
  • Noise Reduction Range: ~ 30 decibels

The Silencerco Saker Silencer may be the best bang for your buck and allows for the use with a wide range of caliber options. It also is designed to work with bolt action, semi-auto, and full-auto rifles and is compatible with the company active spring retention mount technology. 

At ten inches long, it is best used with pistol length 300 BLK set-ups with a 7+ inch barrel length, and works with a huge variety of flash suppressors, muzzle brakes, and direct thread mounts. Made from stellite cobalt-chromium alloy and stainless steel, this is a durable option that is well protected against corrosion. 

An angled baffle design directs gas to the outside of the baffles to reduce carbon fouling- allowing it to be an even longer-lasting choice. Rated for full-auto use, this build makes it an optimal choice for semi-auto shooting. 

Who This Is For

If you want a highly versatile option for your pistol, and like the idea of it being easy to switch from one weapon to another with a full-auto option when on a budget, this is a great option. 


  • Incredibly versatile and compatible with a variety of mounts
  • Powerful sound reduction
  • Very durable and well built


  • A bit long overall

5. Q – Full Nelson 7.62mm/300BLK/300wm Suppressor Direct Thread 5/8-24

  • Cartridge: 7.62 NATO / 300 BLK / 300 WM
  • Length: 8.86
  • Noise Reduction Range: ~30 decibels

Q brings it home again with their Full-Nelson Suppressor that can handle a great variety of cartridge sizes and has an approximate 30 decibel sound reduction. It works exceptionally well with 300 Blackout subsonic rounds and is a popular choice for both pistol and rifle lengths. 

At 8.86 inches long it is a bit longer than other choices, but it only weighs 16 ounces and allows you to use it without feeling if it is adding anything to your shooting experience- except increased accuracy and a reduced sound. 

Although it does not work well with other adaptors, such as muzzle brakes or flash mounts, it does an excellent job for what it is built for. Innovative engineering provides a full-circumferential welding for awesome durability. It also comes in a shorter half-Nelson design.

Who This Is For

This is a great option for anyone looking for a full-auto choice while on a budget. You won’t sacrifice quality for the value as it offers decent sound suppression for a wide range of cartridge sizes. 


  • Full-auto capabilities
  • Great value for an innovative, durable design
  • Lightweight design helps offset length


  • Does not work with other adaptors

6. Gemtech – HVT-QD Suppressor 7.62 mm Nato Quick Detach

  • Cartridge: .308 WIN, .223, 6.8 SPC, 7.62, 300 BLK
  • Length: 9.2 inches
  • Noise Reduction Range: 30 decibels

Gemtech’s HVT-QD suppressor model is an efficient choice for a 7.62mm NATO round as well as other acceptable .30 caliber cartridges, making it highly versatile overall. It comes ready to work with Gemtech’s specialized quick detach system that allows for easy one handed removal and attachment. Although sold separately, it is considered one of the best in the world. 

The thick, durable cerakote finish reduces light glare and IR signature, allowing you to use it where needed without painting. With a noise reduction of 30 decibels, this helps bring sound into normal hearing range without fear of damaging your ears. 

At 9.2 inches this is not made for longer rifles and works best with pistol choices. At 28 ounces it also is not the lightest, but doesn’t change your balance or accuracy in a negative manner. And the performance far outweighs any and perceived cons it may have. 

Who This Is For

When performance and accuracy is a need for your pistol set-up, this is well worth considering. Pair with the separate Quickmount adaptor for even better efficiency. 


  • Awesome noise reduction
  • Durable finish is both protective and provide long-lasting wear
  • Quick detach system is awesome and worth investing in


  • Quick detach system is sold seperate
  • Not a compact choice

7. Dead Air Armament – Sandman-s Suppressor 7.62 mm Nato Quick Detach

  • Cartridge: 5.56mm, 300BLK, and 7.62 platforms, up to .300 Win Mag
  • Length: 6.8 inches
  • Noise Reduction Range: 27dB-31dB

Dead Air Armament’s Sandman-S Suppressor is one of the shortest options you can purchase that also provides awesome crossover suppression for a wide variety of shooting needs. At just 6.8 inches, it weighs 18.5 ounces to make it not only short, but lightweight and is created for design perfection and easy use. 

One hand removal for easy on and off has minimal point of impact shift and improves accuracy for those paying close attention. Perfect for supersonic rounds, it reduces sound 27 to 31 decibels, and makes a noticeable difference for certain subsonic rounds as well. 

Sellite baffles are designed as a solid core weld for added durability. The removable front cap also affords further protection in case you drop or knock the tip. This also integrates flash suppression.

Who This Is For

Very few suppressors offer such a shortened length with a wide range of capability. If you are looking to stay as compact as possible, this is a great choice. 


  • Very compact overall, and lightweight – you can barely tell it is there
  • Incredibly quick to attach and remove
  • Sound reduction is ideal – especially for subsonic ammo


  • 300 BLK ammo is best for sound suppression, other rounds are not as good 


As you can see, there is quite the range of suppressors from which you can choose from. Whether you need a semi or full auto capability, a lightweight and short choice, or an easy to swap out product, these all are some of the best brand names and options to choose from. 

Be sure to make sure all your legal paperwork is in order to help speed up your buying experience, and look to licensed dealers for any questions you may have. No matter the budget you have, these wide range of options provide you the info you need to get the best bang for your buck no matter what you choose.