Best .300 Blackout Barrels

300 Blackout Rifles were created to cater to a more effective close quarter battle for special forces in the middle east. Their use of a modified 5.56 shell to accept a .30 caliber bullet helped make them an accurate, powerful option without sacrificing maneuverability. Because of this, they have become a popular choice for AR-15 rebuilds, pistol configurations, or simply as an alternative option to firing a new round. 

Created to provide power, they are a lightweight rifle choice for competition, range days, or when out hunting. They also are still a preference for military maneuvers due to their overall accurate design. 

The addition of a 300 Blackout barrel to an AR-15 or other rifle allows you to shoot a .300 round without worry of causing severe damage to your gun, and injury to yourself. Not all barrels are made the same, however, and to find the best 300 Blackout barrel you need to first reflect on the primary use of the weapon. 

Here’s A Quick Look of Our 5 Best .300 Blackout Barrels

How to Choose the Right .300 Blackout Barrel

focus on the rifle barrel

Switching out rifle barrels ultimately allows you to hold and fire a whole new gun with a quick changeover of the barrel. It adds versatility because essentially you can shoot any .30 caliber load for both short and long range targets depending on your choice of ammo. It does not, however, accept other ammo sizes, such as a .223 or 5.56.

The large range of barrel options also allows you to use them in pistol configurations as well, and gives you the option to use various lengths for your target distance. You need to determine what needs you have, and what you prefer for shooting. The relative ease of changing a barrel out allows you to have multiple choices as well on just one gun for various shooting situations. 


It is always good practice to look for the best quality you can afford. Look for reputable brands that provide a long-life and dependable options. Carbon and stainless steel choices are very popular, as are alloys composites such as chromoly steel. Look for quality metal grades, such as 4150 and 416R for strength and dependability. 

Length: Close Range vs Long Range Targets

Control of short vs long range accuracy depends on how close to the gas block you have your barrel. The 300 blackout was designed for close range shots, and they work best in a short barrel rifle or pistol configuration. This means a shorter barrel is in need, and is available in lengths as small as 4.5 inches or as long as 16 inches- although a 16 inch barrel may not have as much overall power. 

Hunter on his rifle targeting a prey in the woods.

However, if your goal is for long-range accuracy, you will want to consider longer barrel lengths to help power your ammo to a distance. These barrels are available up to 16 inches in length, and generally have a 1:7 or 1:8 rifling twist for longer range supersonic loads. They use a carbine gas system that simply describes their longer length for use with a longer barrel. Anything longer than 16 inches are not available as the fast burning powder makes them obsolete. 


Twist rate is often decided by the length of the barrel and provides the accuracy of the ammunition. Lower twist rates provide greater power and accuracy and are often seen in longer barrel lengths for accurate, long-range shots. These are determined by the amount of times the bullet twists within the barrel to help keep it at speed and push it out accurately. For example, a 1:8 twist means the bullet will turn one whole time over the length of 8 inches. 


The profile of your barrel is truly more about personal feel and comfort, unless you are dealing with an AR-15. In general a heavier profile is more stable and also can handle heat better for quicker cooling. AR shooting often runs suppressed gas, which builds up heat rather quickly. But, the heavier profile allows this to dissipate more quickly as well, so you can shoot without pause. Otherwise you can choose your own. 

Other things to consider include the noise and recoil of the attached barrel. Longer barrels dissipate power more accurately and have a tendency to have a quieter response and less overall recoil. 

Top 5 of the .300 Blackout Barrel Reviews

Remember, when looking for a barrel, you need to take into account your use, and also what you plan on attaching it to. An AR-15 option allows a longer range shot, but may require a heavier profile barrel overall in comparison to a pistol configuration. These are highly rated options, and favored by gun enthusiasts for their accuracy and feel. 

1. Faxon Firearms – AR-15 300 Blackout Gunner Profile

Faxon Firearms - AR-15 300 Blackout Gunner Profile
  • Lengths Available: 7.5”, 10.5”, 16”
  • Gas System Lengths: Pistol, Pistol, Carbide
  • Twist: 1-8

Faxon Firearms is a reliable name that produces dependable and accurate products. Their 300 blackout options designed for AR-15 profiles are machined from hardened 4150 chrome moly to balance rigidity. Designed with one of the most narrow, “skinny pencil” profiles, this style works to help reduce weight and create an incredibly easy to maneuver option- no matter what length you choose. 

Available in 7.5”, 10.5”, and 16 “ lengths, you can easily swap between barrel lengths for both close range and distant targets. Metal rigidity from the gas block to barrel extension provides excellent heat dissipation. Finished with a Black QPQ Nitride it also boasts a NP3-coated barrel extension for long durability. 

Who This Is For

The consistent 1-8 twist in each length makes it incredibly accurate and powerful for all your shooting uses. The ⅝ x 24” thread pitch makes it easy to attach. 


  • Easy to install and highly accurate
  • Great value
  • Smooth ejection and reloading


  • 7.5” is not as stable as the longer options
  • Not dimpled

2. Spikes Tactical 300 Blackout 8.3in Medium Profile Rifle Barrel

Spikes Tactical 300 Blackout 8.3in Medium Profile Rifle Barrel
  • Lengths Available: 8.3 inch
  • Gas System Lengths: pistol
  • Twist: 1-8

This 8.3 inch premium barrel has a medium profile and is built for a gas pistol system. With a 1-8 ratio twist, and .750 gas block seat, this option provides a powerfully accurate option for both short range, and longer range shots. With a black nitride coating both in and out, the smooth, sleek look of this option gives you the power you need for a quick shooting response. 

The M4 NIB coating on the barrel extension helps extend the look, and the life of this option, and the medium profile allows for an excellent balance of weight and heat dissipation. At only 1.2 lbs this also makes it a fairly lightweight choice for easy handling and quick movement whether on the range or in a competitive situation. 

Who This Is For

If a shorter, accurate barrel is what you are looking for, this is one of the best you can consider. It is a perfect mid-length option for a variety of shooting needs. The 5/8 X 24 Thread Pitch helps to easily change out your barrels. 


  • M4 NIB Coated Barrel Extension
  • Accurate, powerful twist
  • Lightweight for easy maneuverability


  • May not fit all guns, check thread pitch in advance

3. Daniel Defense 16 inch 300 Blackout Barrel

Daniel Defense 16 inch 300 Blackout Barrel
  • Lengths Available: 16 inches
  • Gas System Lengths: carbide
  • Twist: 1-8

The Daniel Defense 300 Blackout Barrel is a heavy barrel option with a carbide length gas system to provide highly accurate, powerful long-range shots. Created by cold hammer forging, the result is an incredibly long lasting product that produces some of the strongest, most consistent chambers possible. 

Made from a chrome moly vanadium, it is finished with military grade heavy phosphate for a clean, sleek look. The 16 inch length is perfect for AR-15 use, and the 2.29 lb weight won’t create any unneeded heft that may affect your accuracy or movements. The fit and finish is considered some of the best in the business for quick barrel change outs. 

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This heavy barrel option, durable build, and 1-8 twist rate makes it a long lasting, highly accurate choice. A ⅝ x 24” thread pitch is standard for easy attachment.


  • Incredibly accurate fit
  • Great weight for a heavy barrel option
  • Well protected and great finish


  • Not dimpled

4. Odin Works Inc. – 300 Blackout Medium Profile Barrel

Odin Works Inc. - 300 Blackout Medium Profile Barrel
  • Lengths Available: 10.5”, 16.1”, 16.1”
  • Gas System Lengths: pistol, pistol, carbide
  • Twist: 1-8

The Odin Works 300 Blackout Medium Profile barrel comes in 10.5 inch and 16.1 inch lengths both with pistol and carbide gas systems to help you match accuracy with power. These medium profile barrels are specifically designed with a tunable gas block to provide you dependable performance with subsonic ammo.

You can manually adjust gas flow for the ammo of your choice without sacrificing performance or accuracy. Made from stainless steel, it provides a budget friendly option without sacrificing durability. It also provides one of the lightest 16.1 inch lengths coming in at only 1 lb 10.7 ounces. This makes handling the rifle even more enjoyable and increases how quickly you can move. 

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If you love the idea of having full control over gas flow, and prefer a lighter barrel, these options are well worth considering. 


  • Lightweight design for easy attachment
  • Easy gas control
  • One of the best pistol systems for a 16.1 inch barrel


  • No protective coating

5. Wilson Combat – AR-15 Ranger Barrel 300 Blackout

Wilson Combat - AR-15 Ranger Barrel 300 Blackout
  • Lengths Available: 16 inch
  • Gas System Lengths: Pistol
  • Twist: 1-7

Wilson Combat has been providing lightweight shooting accessories and options for over 20 years, and offers a reliable choice for all your needs. Their AR-15 Ranger 300 Blackout Barrel weighs in at only 26 ounces, making it one of the lightest on the market. The 16 inch length is made specifically for an AR-15, it is a highly accurate option for your rifle platform and field carry. 

Hunt with ease due to the slim, 416R stainless steel design that provides stability and durability, and specialized creation just for this task. A 1-7 twist is perfect for long range shots and includes an M4-style feed ramp for consistent shooting. The medium profile is perfect for helping to dissipate heat when used in this manner as well. 

Who This Is For

When you want a dependable, lightweight barrel for your hunt, this is an excellent attachment for your AR-15 when a long shot is needed. 


  • Easy attachment
  • Lightweight and provides a consistent heft
  • Accuracy for long range targets


  • No protective coating


When you want the ability to shoot something new without having to purchase an entirely new gun, the addition of a 300 Blackout Barrel is exactly what you need. This allows you to shoot a .30 caliber option with a gun not originally built for it. It also provides you the chance to change out barrels to take advantage of a wider range of ammo options. 

Everything from shortened lengths for close range targets to long shooting accuracy is available in a variety of materials and profiles for your needs. 

Be sure to look for heavy profile designs when you expect to use it with an AR-15, particularly if gas suppression will be used. Firing an occasional shot for hunting is not much of a concern, but target practice might quickly heat the barrel. All these choices have a universal ⅝” x 24” thread pitch that fits almost all connections.