About Us

Inspired by the love of the great outdoors and all things that go pew, Project Gunner’s goals are to highlight accurate knowledge and information concerning firearm education while providing quality product suggestions tailored to your needs.

Whether you are a beginner searching for specific state gun laws and information pertaining to your top firearm picks, or a well honed shooter wanting a quality accessory comparison, Project Gunner has everything you need- and if we don’t, we’ll try and find it for you!

Browse our articles pertaining to gun ownership and laws in the US to better understand your rights and responsibilities as a new gun owner, as well as firearm and firearm accessory reviews.

Curious if a specific caliber or model is right for you? Want to learn how to reload your own ammo when your favorite caliber is hard to find? Take a look at the buying guides we offer to decide if a particular model might be a good fit, and then look over the basics of reloading to determine if this is a new hobby worth pursuing. When done, scroll through our selection of holsters, sights, load suggestions, and various aftermarket parts to customize your weapon for an even better carrying and shooting experience.

Meet Our Team

Danielle Mcleod holding a gun

Danielle Mcleod

After getting involved with competitive skeet shooting while in college over 20 years ago, Danielle has since been interested in shooting any and all firearms she can get her hands on. Although she has her favorites for hunting, trap and skeet shooting, and comfortable open or conceal carry, there hasn’t been a gun she won’t try out.

This hobby has led her into an enjoyable pastime of seeking out the pros and cons of various makes and models to add to her personal arsenal, and also opened up an interest of the art of reloading and use of various load types whether competing, or enjoying an early morning of target practice with her family

Originally from the Northern Midwest, she has made her way west by way of rural Colorado, and now resides in Southeastern New Mexico (where shooting weather is mild all year round). She lives on a small hobby farm with her two young sons complete with a yard full of dogs, horses, and chickens. Her next endeavour is to work towards a Type 1 Federal Firearms License!

Curtis Lawson

Project Gunner came to life due to Curtis Lawson’s enthusiasm for all things firearms when his wife made him brainstorm a way to pay for his favorite pastime. Eager to share his knowledge and love of Second Amendment rights and popular gun and gun accessories, this blog highlights new releases and trending weapon information for both beginners and those well versed in a pew technology. 

Curtis makes his home in Florida with his lovely wife Summer, the inspiration for funding his hobby, and two elementary age sons. The entire family enjoys shooting sports when they can fit it in between shuttling around the many other pastimes they enjoy, such as boating and enjoying the great outdoors both hunting and fishing. 

Before settling down to influence a new generation in firearm safety and shooting enjoyment, Curtis graduated with a BS in Forestry and spent many years in the field honing his love of sustainable land management. He also worked his way through college as an outfitting guide throughout the Southern and Western states, gaining experience and learning what other firearm enthusiasts prefered for their weapon and ammunition of choice.